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Digitalization impacts what you eat

Digital revolution is the next big thing happening in our country. With the efforts of our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi our country is taking a faster leap into a complete digitalized world. This phenomenon is reaching an inflection point. The effect of digitalization is reaching each and every corner of our lives. It has created impact on different sectors like government services, banking, businesses, e-shopping and so on. Now we have privilege to buy or sell anything just by a finger click. 

Through digitalization consumer pull is easily achieved. The consumers, particularly Generation C are a powerful new force. They are predominantly adaptive to the digital environment, open minded to share their information and are always connected to the internet. They trust referrals from their friends about various brands and products. It’s effort less to access any brand, product or service these days. Social media platforms as a part of this phenomenon play an important role by creating a long lasting impact on consumers. The digital infrastructure is making this possible by providing reasonable and affordable broadband to millions of people. 

This phenomenon has changed the complete picture of food industry in urban environment. It also made its impact on our food habits; it has shown a new dimension in eating patterns of people.One of the major changes is the abundance of choice available to a consumer now. 

Food ordering apps have created a privilege to get any kind of cuisine as desired.Globalization has led to a youth force whose food preferences are steadily changing; they need something new, delicious, quick and instant. This is where food ordering apps play a major role. The food ordering culture is reverberating in the country, reshaping the way traditional restaurants worked. Looking for favorite foods and ordering them online in the past seemed a myth, but now it became a usual activity specially with working community, youth staying away from home searching for easy food options. It is a huge hit even with home makers who seek an occasional break from the kitchen.

Food ordering apps have also created a new startup culture in the country. Some of the big players in logistics and other related services are making an entry into food ordering businesses. Organized food business is slated to be the next big business opportunity in the country. A burgeoning population of tech savvy youth is a ready market that is hardly tapped in this sector. Take for instance, the capital city of India, New Delhi. It has a rich history of both culture and mouthwatering food. Be it street food, restaurants, specialized cuisines, Delhi has it all. Online food ordering in Delhi is effortless and easy. It is also a most sought after channel. Rest of India is not far behind when it comes eating via food ordering apps. It is gradually becoming the most natural form people are resorting to when wanting to eat out. One thing is clear, food ordering apps are here to stay.
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