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6 Signs that Your Tennis Court Needs to be Resurfaced

Consider tennis court resurfacing along with the other perks that come with having your own tennis court. Think about it, not only will you have not have to pay any membership fee to a fitness club or access to search a facility, but can make sure it is safe for you and your family to use. While tennis courts are easy to maintain generally, they do need a bit of attention to be able to keep the good looks and also functional. Ideally, they need to be cleaned and repainted every once in a while. After a couple of years, your tennis court might also need to be resurfaced and being able to tell when this should be done is essential. Here are some tell-tale signs that your tennis court should be resurfaced.

1.      Cracks and root damage

Because of the constant contraction and expansion of the surface which is agitated by the aspects of the weather, overtime, cracks are going to start appearing on the surface of the tennis court. You might also start seeing some roots and even small plants starting to inhabit the top of the court. If you notice such signs, it is certain that your tennis court needs a new surface. 

2.      Mould is growing over the court

This is particularly prominent with outdoor courts and calls for immediate tennis court resurfacing. Prevalence of mould can be as sign the surface has soaked in too much moisture and causes a slipping hazard to the players. If your tennis court has mould growing on top of it, then you might also want to have the drainage checked just to be safe.

3.      Lines are disappearing into the surface

If you find arguments on whether the ball is out of bounds becoming too common, it is a sign that the lines have disappeared into the surface. There is a short-term solution to this which is repainting the surface but eventually, you will need to resurface for longer lasting results.

4.      Surface is lose and powdery

Suddenly, it is hard for you to get some grip while playing. You keep sliding and the surface is filled with some powdery dust or tiny grits. This is one of the last signs to present itself and at this point, you have no option but to resurface the tennis court. Even though cleaning before using the court might help, it is not a long lasting solution.

5.      You can see the blacktop of the court

For the tennis court to have a great look, it has to be painted as part of the tennis court resurfacing. Overtime, the paint is going to be washed off and wear out. In some instances, repainting might help but, if it is so severe that you can see the blacktop of the tennis court, then resurfacing might be an even better long-term solution.

6.      Water stays on the court for hours once it rains

With Tennis court resurfacing proper drainage is very important for the wellbeing and longevity of a tennis court more so if it is outdoors. Most courts are built with a layer that helps to drain as much water as possible and get the surface dry and safe faster. If the water starts to hang around longer, it is a sign that you need to resurface your tennis court.

Tennis court resurfacing if done at the right time is a great way of lengthening the life of the facility. Being able to spot problem areas and having it sorted as fast as possible will definitely help with this cause.
6 Signs that Your Tennis Court Needs to be Resurfaced 6 Signs that Your Tennis Court Needs to be Resurfaced Reviewed by Kapil Kumar on 5:09 PM Rating: 5