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Who Is A Copywriter And What Does A Copywriter Do?

A copywriter is employed to write copy (text) for a huge variety of organisations including advertising agencies, copywriting agencies and public relations firms. A copywriter writes text for marketing and for advertising in order to promote brand awareness. The aim of the copywriter is to be persuasive in their language in order to sell or enhance the product they are writing about. This covers all print media and digital media. Today there are many more avenues for copywriters to explore as the digital age is advancing. There is a huge market for web content such as blogs and ghost writing for example. 

A copywriter writes creative copy such as jingles, text, catalogues, magazines and newspapers, scripts for media, sales letters and marketing communications. There are also website content writers who work mostly on the internet. Their work covers web pages, blogs, social media, online advertising and sales and email newsletters. These professionals can also be classed as copywriters. A copywriter can therefore enjoy a varied and creative role that utilises many skills and capabilities. Copywriters don’t just need to be excellent wordsmiths, but be able to liaise with a variety of individuals and stakeholders relevant to the job. They may need to be able to present their work once it is written and also work alongside other employees such as graphic designers or tender writers. 

Copywriters can work for a company or in a freelance capacity. The basic requirements of all copywriters however, is that they write creative, interesting and informative text that draws the reader in. Ideally copywriters will hold a degree in journalism, english or communications and have a portfolio of work to demonstrate their writing abilities. 

Copywriters need to be highly skilled in the art of persuasive writing, they need to be creative and be current and relevant in their ideas and skill sets. Copywriters need excellent skills and knowledge in grammar, sentence structure, spelling, syntax and semantics. A good copywriter’s craft is in the effective use of language as a tool to generate and provoke thought and imagery.

Being a good copywriter is an essential and creative career, a growing area of expertise particularly in the area of digital media. Copywriters often work as part of a team although this is not essential. As the world of online print and advertising media grows, so do the opportunities for copywriters. This burgeoning skill set for copywriters means the copywriter is a skilled professional and essential to the future of organisation both nationally and globally.

A successful copywriter is also about being a successful salesperson, but not sales in the sense that you are always selling a product or service. It may not be as tangible as that in the copywriting industry. You may be selling an idea or an image. This is where the function of a copywriter can become more of an abstract function and become quite complex, and yet again, creativity comes into the picture. Copywriting is therefore a multifaceted role, demanding a unique set of skills that is very hard to find.

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