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Utilization of Rice Husk Ash in Our Day to Day Life

It is a known fact that the rice is the staple food of many parts of the world, like China, Nepali, Japan and many other countries. Seventy countries in the world are into the production of rice. The Rice Husk Ash is something which is widely available in all the rice producing countries all over the world. The husk happens to be the hard cover of the rice grains which is removed from it at the time of milling it. It can be used as a valuable raw material when you talk about its day to day uses as well. In many parts of the world it is also known as rice hull ash. It comes up with lots of additional properties in it. It is one of the cheapest feedstock which is used to import many parts of the world. They anyhow do not affect the regulation of the plant growth. It is almost considered as the waste product.

Utilizing the rice hull ash in different ways helps reducing the environmental pollution. With this the treatment of water to it is also reduced. Rice ash is obtained by incinerating the rice hulls. It hardly effects the regulation of the plant growth. Even more it is also used for stuffing the pillow. In the people stuff the pillows quite loosely and it really works as a therapeutic as they retain the shape of your head. Apart for all these there are many more, utilities of rice ash.

Listed Below are Some Utilizations of Rice Husk Ash:

1.      Fuel- In most of the power plants it is used as a very good fuel which does not produces much pollution. Some compound material like silicon and silica are made with the help of the same. It serves as one of the best forms of fuel. It is used to produce processes steam as well. By the process of gasification and combustion, heat energy is produced. Usually in small industries, it is used like a fuel for the boilers of low capacity. It is also used to produce house hold energy.

2.      Preparing Activated Carbon- There is lots of lignin and cellulose in the rice husk. Just because of this it is used to produce raw materials for the preparation of the activated carbon. They act as an effective absorbents of carbon.

3.      Fertilizer- The rice husk is also used as a fertilizer which can enhance the productivity of the grains. With the help of earthworm it is made to decompose and it serves as a very good fertilizer after that.

4.      Pet Fodder- The rice husk are used as pet fodder and are easily digestible by them. It comes as a very organic form of Rice Hull Ash and in a very natural form. It is one of the most inexpensive by-product of human beings food process. It is one of the cheapest and easily available per fodder.

Rice husk  Ash Manufacturers have come up will all the above utilities of rice husk in our day to day life.

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