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Top remedies to fight arthritis

Arthritis can be a big pain for the patients, if not taken care of properly. There are various remedies available for it, which can provide relief from pain.Some of them which can help manage it are as follows:

§  Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
TENS is a way to reduce the pain wherein the painful joints are hooked with a portable machine. After connecting, the wires send the current down the electrodes. The pain is treated as soon as the current reaches the pain spots.

§  Injections
There are various injections available in the market to treat arthritis. They are accessible in various forms like steroids:cortisone, hydrocortisone, and prednisone, Hyaluronic acid:Synvisc, Hyalgan, Supartz, anaesthesia such as lidocaine, etc.

§  Exercise
Exercise is the physical therapy, which is used as a treatment to improve strength, functioning, posture as well as the motion of the targeted area. It helps in improving the pain condition, thus rising energy level and mood.

§  Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an old and ancient therapy, which involves putting tiny needles on specific spots of thebody, which release the trapped energy. With this outflow, they pain is also released, thus, acting as pain relievers.

§  Pain Pump
The pain pump is yet another method through which doctors treat patients. They implant a small pump like structure, whichdelivers different amounts of pain medication through a catheter. Such medications include Baclofen or Morphine. It helps in reducing the lower back pain.

§  Meditation
The practice of developing focus or concentration is called meditation. Meditation helps the mind and body to relax, thus helping in lessening the pain. Meditation helps in stress management and reduces inflammation and pain.

§  Nerve Block
A nerve block is a process where a specialist injects anaesthetic mixed with steroid into the nerve. The nerve blocks are used to block the pain and thus help the physicians to detect the pain spots. This technique mostly targets the spine and other areas of the lower body.

§  Nerve Stimulation
Nerve stimulation is another similar yet most effective technique to treat arthritis. An electrode is placed with a small generator near the nerve to search and find the painful areas. Other than curing arthritis, it is also used for nerve related injuries.

§  Joint Denervation
In this technique, the doctor uses various levels of radiofrequency heat energy to remove painful nerves that supply joints, back to the spine. The pain signals are interrupted, reducing the pain in return.

§  Brain Stimulation
Also, referred to as a method used as last resort, it is used when all other techniques fail. An electrode is placed in the brain while surgery, which is connected to a generator. It helps in disrupting the main and sending the appropriate messages to the system.

Therefore, the above-mentionedtechniques work perfectly for best pain relief for arthritis in knees. They should always be performed under the presence of an expert or a specialist. Also, remember ‘Prevention is better than cure!’
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