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Top Benefits of Cloud Computing In The Modern Age

If you take a look at the communication technology, you will find that it is growing at a very large and fast pace. It provides a lot of assistance to businesses and individuals that need it for their day to day operations. Thanks to the technology, communication has become faster and transactions easier in the environment. The best part of cloud computing is that it supports a lot of data storage and fulfills the virtual data requirements of individuals that rely on the Internet to complete their tasks faster and more effectively. 

Rene Bostic is the VP for Cloud Technical Sales for IBM North America. She has many years of invaluable experience when it comes to sales and leadership. She says that cloud computing is still in its stage of infancy however it has immense benefits for its many users. She states that the technology of cloud computing can be helpful for users as well as the cloud service provider. She states the following are some of the primary advantages of cloud computing that has been discussed below for the service provider-

1. You get maximum utilization- When you are an CSP, your service will be used by many users. They generally use several types of features and applications at different times and in various volumes. The load of hardware is shared in different ways at various times.
2. Economies of Scale- The technology of cloud computing depends upon the economies of scale. This means that as a service provider you need to spend more on the set-up however when the number of users increase your cost per unit becomes less. Your business will grow the moment you provide a high quality steadfast service to your clients. This gradually with time will reduce the set up costs of cloud service.
3. Flexibility- Cloud computing generally operates on virtual servers over physical ones. So, if the specific server becomes lofty to manage the current data and processes can be shifted to other servers. If the load on the server is small, this load can be shifted to a few servers while the other servers get the time to rest.

What are the benefits of cloud computing to users?

Rene Bostic highights the followinge benefits that users get the following benefits with cloud computing-
1. The costs are very low- Users need to pay a nominal fee for the cloud computing service. Here, there is no need for installation of hardware. You just need to enroll with the right cloud services and ensure that they meet and match your specific computing needs. Besides the above, there are some services that give you software installation for free. This reduces the costs of you buying licensed software for your company.
2. Easy access- If you look at cloud computing you will find that it gives you easy access. Here, you store your data on cloud servers that allow you to access it at any time. You can also access the data when you are traveling so long as you have a device that can be connected to the Internet says Rene Bostic.
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