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Things You Could Print With 3D Printers India

The future of 3D printing is very bright in India. Every sector needs the help of 3D printing services in India so as to enhance their work productivity. Giving 3D effect in your printing helps you to increase your productivity and the customers. Its demand is increasing day by day in the market with lots of user and customers. 3D print is opted for many sectors like restaurant, apparel, jeweler, colleges, hospitals etc. There is end number of 3D Printing Company in India and mostly all of them use the most advanced technology for taking out the prints.

List of Things You Could Print With 3D Printing in India:
  1. 3D Print Car- Usually most of the car manufacturing companies in India take the help of 3D printing services when it comes to making a 3D print on their car. The 3D printed electronic car is really attractive to look at and grabs lots of attention. Its demand is increasing day by day and the customers are using it. The shield, battery, electric motor is made with the help of the conventional methods. One of the best 3D printed cars may cost around $11,000. Though the manufacturing process is not much expensive at all but its takes much time to be completed as there are lots of tricks involved in the same.
  2. 3D Printed Ears- This kind of ears is meant for disfigured children. When it was tried for the first time, the scientists of University College, London used it to make ears which can be implanted on children who have severe disfigurements. Before implanting this on human it was initially tried on rats. This helps in the drastic change of organ transplant. There are around dozens of children who are waiting to get this surgery done as it has come up with great results.
  3. 3D Working Guns- The first 3D gun which was named the Liberator was completely made up of plastic. 15 pieces out of 16 has been printed with the use of stratus’s dimension 3D printer. Only the finger pin was not in 3D version. It was a fully functioning firearm and the type of plastic used in it is quite dependant. Like the gun used in the same has been printed with the help of plastic called Visited. It can shoot around 8 at a time without miss firing. It also has the power to penetrate into the human skull.
  4. 3D Human Heart- According to the researches surgeons at New York hospitals have found out that 3D printed heart have helped to save the life of a 2 week old child who was in need of complicated heart surgery. This heart provided a very golden chance to the surgeon to study the matter much carefully. Usually this kind of surgery is much complicated and needs lots of patience.
These days there are many things which are made in 3D pattern which helps to get the best illustration about the same. 3D Printing in India has reached new heights and it had joined hands with technology to bring about the changes in the world.
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