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Reasons Why Should You Plan Next Trip to Coorg

When there is a place in India referred as the Scotland of India, then why should not a person visit that beautiful place! Coorg is small and peaceful town situated in the Southern Karnataka. Popular for varied wildlife, the Kodavas, austere sights, the town has the lot to explore. For the last many years, the town has been gaining a lot of popularity and considered as the top tourist destination in India. Agriculture and tourism are the main sources of this town. If you are planning to go to some tranquil place in these vacations, then plan your trip to Coorg. Book exciting Coorg Homestay Packages and enjoy your trip to Coorg without any hassles. 

Here are the Reasons Why Should You Plan Your Next Trip to Coorg:
1.      Abbi Falls:
Finding the tranquillity and calmness in the middle of the delighted sounds of a waterfall can provide you with an amazing experience. Many streams merge together on the steep slopes if the Western Ghats so as to form the Abbi Falls. The water from the Abbi Falls flows down into the Cauvery River. Feel relaxed and calm by spending a good time near the falls.
2.      Madikeri:
There is a hill station, Madikeri near to Coorg which is also called as the Kashmir of South India. It is an amazing place which is free from pollution and beautiful. It is a good place for newly married couples.
3.      Puthari Festival:
Puthari stands for the new rice. This festival is celebrated as the harvest festival in Coorg. It is usually celebrated either at the starting of December or at the end of November. Since you can get to see the various folk performances, therefore, it adds a unique experience to your travel diaries. Make sure to book Coorg homestay packages well in advance for this festival as it is difficult to find accommodation during that time because of the rush of tourists.
4.      Bylakuppe:
Coorg is popular for having the biggest Tibetan settlement in the whole South India. If you are planning to visit Coorg, don’t forget to visit Bylakuppe where you should visit Namdroling monastery, enjoy real Tibetan momos and buy handicraft items.
5.      Coorg Cuisine:
Local people of Coorg, also referred as Kodavas are successors of Alexander the Great. These people are hardcore non-vegetarians and cook meat with a plenty of curry, coconut, and spices leaves. Some of the popular dishes of Coorg that attract people are Atti Payasa, Baimbale, Pandi Curry, and Kadubu. You may get the best of Cuisine with the best Coorg homestay packages as well.  
6.      Micro Lighting:
If you are an adventure lover, you can enjoy the ride in single or dual-seater gliders at Ponnampet located near to Coorg. To enjoy the ride in it, an instructor guides you through its basics and once you take off in those gliders, you can enjoy the bird view amazingly. These gliders have the capability to reach up to the height of around 5000 feets.
If have made your mind to explore the Scotland of India, then get ready to feel lost in the lap of nature and beautiful surroundings. Book your Coorg Homestay Package with NaadMane Homestay which can make your experience unperturbed and amazing.
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