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How to Dress Up Modern Wood Panels on the Walls

Using wood panels on the wall started back in the 1300s. Its primary intention was to protect the lower half of the walls from the scratches and smudges caused by chairs and boots. However, they have gradually become an essential décor element in interior design.

Wainscoting panels design offers a perfect mix of function and style in a home as it not only adds to the overall décor setting but also protects the walls from scuffs and smudges. However, it also needs some makeover sometimes as the wood panels may wear out or get damaged. Or, at times you may need to change the look to give your interiors a facelift. Let’s take a look at 5 ways about how to dress up ugly wood panels.

Bring the Shine back with a Coat of Paint

It’s the most common, clichéd yet evergreen trick used by the interior designers. If your wall panels become old or the paint is chipped, giving them a fresh coat of paint will bring them back their old shine. Go for white, and it will brighten up the room and give the panels a laid-back cottage vibe.

Create a New Look with Shelving

Install open shelves into the wall with wood panels so that it turns into a beautiful bookshelf. Display accessories such as chinaware, collectibles, or your favorite artwork. It will turn the paneled wall into a decorative backdrop and make the shelves look beautiful. However, if you don’t want to keep every inch of it out of your sight, just stack the shelves with books until the entire background is covered.
Paint them in a Dark Color

Wainscoting is traditionally painted in white. However, the time has changed, and home interiors have experimented with them in many ways to incorporate hem in modern homes. Instead of white, you can experiment with other colors if that looks complementary to the color scheme of the room.

If you can’t stand the wall panels in a room, conceal them behind a dark color such as Davy’s gray or deep navy. However, the color should not look too much out of the place because it will then rather draw eyes instead of making the panels disappear.

Brighten up with Accessories

Sometimes, you need to keep the wood panels as they are because they match to the décor scheme of the room. For example, panels in wooden color is a perfect match for a rustic room. Painting them in another color or hiding them behind books is not the right thing to do. So, if you have to keep the panels but don’t want to leave the wall in its dated look, give it a facelift with accessories.

A gallery wall and a gorgeous mirror would be eye-catching and take the attention away from the dated wall. You can display some out of the box accessories too. For example, if the wall is in your workout area, proudly display your bicycle and some exercise tools on a couple of floating shelves.

Hide them behind Whitewash

Whitewashing the wall panels will allow you to change the ugly look of the dated panels without sacrificing the original woodgrain texture. It will not only transform the appearance of the wall but also give a new look to the entire room. In addition, choosing a monochrome palette for the wall panel will leave an option for future color injections.

Whitewashing is also a cost-effective solution, and you can apply the paint by yourself. Just dilute your paint with water, use it on the wall, wipe immediate, and repeat the process until you achieve the look you want.

Wainscoting is a lovely design approach for styling up bare walls. However, such beautiful styles can also look dull and boring if they don’t get any makeover year after year. These décor ideas will breathe new life into your home’s wainscoting fixtures and give them their old charm back.
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