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Things to Know When Applying For Revit Technician Jobs

With the frequent use of building information modeling (BIM) techniques by architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) companies, Autodesk Revit and drafting application like AutoCAD are in hot demand. These days the use of parametric modeling in construction has necessitated the services of professionals like BIM modelers, BIM coordinator, BIM managers and also BIM technicians. 

Do you intend to apply for the position a BIM technician in an architectural firm? Or do you wish to be a freelance vendor or Autodesk consultant? Here are some of the skills that companies look out for when hiring:

1. Software Proficiency

A candidates' software proficiency is considered to be a very important factor in the recruitment process. This is necessary because, technical knowledge of how applications like Revit works is necessary. Candidates are also expected to be conversant with similar applications like AutoCAD, which is used in 2D drafting and also 3D CAD modeling). Furthermore, candidates should also be acquainted with the local construction standards. 

2. Professional Accreditation

Many companies usually require professional accreditation or certificates from applicants before they will be considered for a job. This is despite the fact that such accreditation is often times not necessary. Autodesk certification is one of the vendor certification that is required in the industry; this certification proves that an applicant has the necessary CAD and BIM skills needed in the industry. 

3. Breadth of Design and Construction Domain Knowledge

This is equally important because it highlights the projects that an applicant has worked on. It is quite beneficial to applicants who have done projects on various spheres including residential, hospitality, retail and health care. This is because it highlights their skills and proficiency in BIM standards associated with their completed projects. Additionally, it also points out the achievements of an applicant in the course of his or her professional career. An example is, developing and effectively maintaining BIM standards, establishing or creating Revit families, creating building documents and inventory - these are all what a technician can boast of. With this, he or she will be considered more valuable to a company than an applicant who is highly skilled and knowledgeable on Revit modeling. 

4. Excellent Communication and Organizational Skills

With the ever evolving dynamics in the modern day business world, excellent communication and organizational skills are sacrosanct in our everyday business dealings. And Revit technicians are not left out in the trend. This is because these skills are necessary in making sure that works are properly executed and results achieved by companies. Having good communication and coordination skills when dealing with shareholders, project managers, architects, engineers is an added advantage when looking to apply for Revit related jobs.

5. Analytical problem solving skills

An applicant is expected to possess a good analytical problem solving skills, it will be needed during frequent dealings with different disciplines. Applicants should be able to coordinate and make good use of these disciplines models and tools in solving clashes that may arise.
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