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The Need to Come Together with GWC Valve

GWC Valve is a valve manufacturer and distributor that is dedicated to dominating the flow control product market. The reasoning for GWC Valve’s success is that they have worked closely with Italian engineers to design and manufacture the best line of flow control products in the world. The valve company is an example of how international communities, cultures, and skills can come together and use their strengths to make something greater. GWC Valve is among the companies that is dedicated to using international expertise to grow their business.

That is why GWC Valve finds it so interesting that Donald Trump does not want to use international resources to make America’s production better. Paula Flores Colorado was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. She knew being in the United States with no documentation was risky. As a result, she did not want to do anything. She did not have to courage to enrol in University, go to bars in case she go carded, board a place, or travel. Every time the police was in her neighbourhood, friends would warn her with text messages and make sure she was aware and cautious. Living in fear was not a lifestyle Colorado wanted to continue so she left in 1999 to go back to Mexico. Trump is trying to reinforce this mentality to get out illegal immigrants. He is playing on fear to get them out of the United States. Instead, GWC Valve thinks that the government should no resort to self-deportation. The government should offer the illegal immigrants compensation for coming forward. No penalty by returning by yourself or work opportunities may be available to come forward.

Yes, some of the individuals living in the United States are not there legally. However, GWC Valve believes that the government should work with these individuals to their advantage while giving them equal opportunity. That is the only way people can comfortably trust the government and the government can begin building relationships with the people in their country. Again, whether they are there legally or illegally.
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