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How Epistemological Realism Distinct Photography with Painting?

Photography and painting can bring various kinds of strengths and weaknesses together while they are complementing each other. Typically in photography, it is the realistic expression that is being considered as one of the most common factors. Most of the renowned photographers, who have not only claimed themselves to be famous in their respective genres but also have gone beyond to make some statement have well even believed that photographs are a unique way to be extraordinarily realistic. The pictures that have been clicked can realistically show the objects which are beyond the reach of paintings, drawings or even the handmade pictures.

While discussing the effects of photography, Vijaya Prakash Boggala, a renowned name not for his work, but for his studies and rational sense takes the example of how the judges make the use of photographs in the courtrooms. Generally, it is the photographs at the scene of the crime which are being used for evidence in the courtrooms for trial purpose, and not the pencil sketches or drawings. Undoubtedly, it is the photographs that make much more sense and are reliable than the sketch of an individual who is doing something to another individual. It is true, that the oil paintings or even pencil sketches can be almost 90 percent of what the photographs depict, but do not have the impact that the photographs can have.

Now the main point of this debate is why does such a thing ever happen? According to Vijaya Boggala, photography has got a special nature, which itself separates the entire genre of painting from photography. He is even of the belief that photography is a kind of comparison that is being drawn of the cinemas to the mirrors. It has got the similar function as the mirrors since it helps in delivering the vision, and even allows one to see things in that particular way, which is otherwise not visible to the naked eye.

So to put it in a much simpler way, photography is a mirror-like reflection of what happens in the reality. Since it is mere technology that helps in taking the photographs, the chances of it representing the reality is very less. Consequently, the photographers behind the lens have got the epistemological role of informing the world about the visual appearance of the things that have been framed. According to epistemological realism, it is the knowledge of the man behind the creation of a painting which leads it to lack the intimate relation with photography. This is the main reason of one finding the difference between seeing portrait photography, and a portrait painting.

To bring it in a nutshell, epistemological realism holds the explanation of the entire distinction between photography and painting. Photography is clearly of something that exists, and painting has a source of imagination involved in it. Realism has hardly got anything with imagination, and this makes most of the sense while differentiating the role that painting and photography play in the real life world.
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