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Family lawyers Brisbane have answers for your all the family law questions

New Way Lawyers is a non-profit law firm which has been established with an aim to render legal advice and service on Family law related issues, estate law issues and domestic violence at an affordable price. If your question is, being a nonprofit firm why is it charging even a cent then the answer to your question is, charges will be made only to cover the cost and not to make the profit. According to them, each and every person should get justice because it is one’s right and out of all, money should never be a hindrance on the path of seeking justice. 

New Way Lawyers is a family of highly skilled, talented and professional lawyers and attorneys. Many of them have years of experience, they have been Family lawyers and estate lawyers for more than a decade or two. They know the Australian law inside out and will give you an advice which will be best for you. They understand that matters related to family are delicate and needs to be handled with care. Therefore, they will listen to your problem properly, make a case plan and accordingly suggest you or they might give you options to choose from. 

They deal in Australian Family law which consists of matters related to divorce, separation, property settlement after separation, spousal support, issues persistent to parenting arrangement after separation, adoption, child support, child protection.  The team of lawyers and attorneys has requisite knowledge and skill and they can deal with any family law matter. They know what a person goes through during the time; they know the sensitivities affiliated with divorce, adoption, separation and child related matters.

The professional and caring team of New Way Lawyers knows that every situation is different and one size fits all approach doesn’t work. Each family issue is unique with its own ups and downs. It requires intervention and suggestions depending on the objectives to be achieved. Therefore, after discussing the case in detail, family lawyer Brisbane will be able to suggest if one should go for out of court settlement or not.

Experts prefer and will try to reach the best outcome by out of court settlement because matters taken to court can take days to years. In fact, court hearings are demanding not only in terms of time but money as well. Irrespective of the fact, whether court proceedings become part of the whole process or not, a decision very much depends on the cooperation of party. The sooner the parties agree to the terms and conditions, sooner the process will come to an end.

New Way Lawyers is Australia’s first non-profit legal firm and it is no less than bringing revolution in the Australian legal industry. The aim to bridge the justice gap by rendering peerless legal service to low or moderate income group of people is what keeps the organisation going. In fact, the services aren’t only for low or moderate income people but for everyone, irrespective of their gender, age, disability, race or religion.

Visit newwaylawyers.com.au and yet you have any further information to seek or queries to ask, feel free to contact them. Call them or shoot a email to seek their assistance.
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