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Custom Software development vs. Off The Shelf

There are several times during the life cycle of a business when it is essential to review the products you are creating and the ones that you are using.  One of your biggest resources will probably be your staff.  In the modern world, staff are generally more willing and able to contribute ideas to the overall success of the company.  This can lead to the suggestion of custom software development.

There are very few businesses which cannot benefit from custom software development.  It might be that one specific part of your business is in need to this type of software.  It might even be the whole of the business which would benefit.  To make sure the right custom software development package is obtained; you will need to enlist the support of your staff and their knowledge of the processes involved.

What is Custom Software development?

Put simply, every process in your business which uses a computer program has the potential to have custom software development.  Instead of buying an off the shelve software and using it as it offers most of what your company needs; you would commit a firm to devising a software product that does exactly what you need and even has room for expansion in the future.

Off the shelf software is designed to fit a large market sector and is often useful to businesses with the same generic outline.  However, if you have any unique processes within your business you may need to take a closer look at custom software development.

Advantages of Custom Software Development

There is no doubt that a custom software development package will streamline your processes.  Wherever there are issues integrating between system, and time taken creating valuable information; you will find the capability for a custom package to reduce these risks and issues.

The result will be an increase in productivity.  This can have a knock on effect on your costs.  Custom software development is generally more expensive than purchasing software off the shelf.  However, the cost savings that can be experienced by using this type of product will often off-set the additional cost and can result in medium to long term savings!

Disadvantages of Custom Software Development  

The most obvious issue with having a custom software development package is that it will cost more to install.  Financially this can be a drain on your resources; even if you do make cost savings in the medium term.  In addition it will place a physical restriction on your current activities.  In order to develop the best custom software development package for your needs it will be necessary to utilize your staff’s time to ensure a full understanding of your operations is gained.  

Again, this will be a short term issue but it is an issue during this period!  However, it is important to consider the medium to long term picture.  If a custom software development is likely to pay for itself in the medium term it is worthwhile ordering it; it will make the work of your staff easier and, therefore, your life easier.
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