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Xenophobia: Racism For Americans Or An Illusion?

A generalise view is often encircled with the American people. It is encircled about the most controversial topic ‘Xenophobia’. There is a common thought about American people that they dislike the entry of other community into their premises. This thought is engraved with different argumentative discussions. This is still questionable about the fact that it is actually a dislike or disregard or to that of racism.

How to determine?

As no detailed clarification is there about the fact it claims to be controversial. Different people define about the fact in types of ways. Some says it sarcasm, some says patriotism. But no proper justification is there. So it needs a varied detail and record about the earlier facts and impatience about the country and its people. This is a long process. Thus service loyalty is necessary with proper speed and range. So internet service provider is required to be authentic and good from every perspective so that research cannot get interrupted.

Americans’ point of dissatisfaction:

This is mainly the cause of ignorance. However, there are different perspectives regarding the common fact. Some say it is about the colonisation of people like Muslims or more prominently the Middle East people. This is basically a frightening issue for the Americans as they know about the destructive attempts of Al-Queda in collapsing life at Iraq. Some say it is just because of the internal issue and dissatisfactions of people to oppose the entry of other community into their association. 

Illusion or controversy:

There is a general controversy about the fact that, they fear about the migrants. Therefore, the immigration laws have also been strengthened to restrict the entry of the out siders. They believe that the population of America is already at margin. Therefore, it is hard for them to accept and welcome the entry of other nation. On the other way, the vacancy of job as well as the sharing in every sector like profession, education is not in favour for the people of different countries. This is about personal integration. The conception differs in person to person. Some people possess strong disregards for the out siders and contradictorily some like the fascination of outside countries towards their own. However, there are different views regarding the perception.

Fear of losing culture:

The Americans get frightened of diminishing their own culture by the immigrants. To some extent it is natural but from the realistic point of view that cannot be possible. Because, the American culture is basically a max mixture of cultures and in combined form it became one distinctive culture. The immigrants are also from different that is they are also carrying with them different cultures, not one. Thus, it is not possible to get destroyed. In terms of economy, power, culture and unity the Americans are proceeding far beyond to that of the migrants of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or Middle-East.

Recorded facts:

It is recorded that, during 1965 some African Americans had to struggle and go through hurdles to stay in America. 95% Indians had been forced to get out of the country and that is termed as ‘reservation’. In contradiction, Anglos and Scott have never been exempted to the subject of xenophobia. From, that point of view, this particular fascination and state of mind can be referred as ‘racism’. However, Americans never accept them being so and nor they have any anger or anxiety towards migrants. They are only obsessed towards their own categorized nations. 

So, they are actually xenophobic or this is just an illusion is still a controversy and the argument will never end up. Contemporary researches are still going on and the record collection is on progress and will expect to be long viewed

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