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Why You Need to Be an Artist and a Businessperson

Hunting for a record deal is hard work. Your small fan base might be loyal but you’re going to need more than a few dedicated fans to get signed. Your music might be amazing but it’s not always about what you know in music; rather, it’s more about who you know. Being smart with your music is the best way to get interest from a record label or an A&R executive.

You need to know about what record labels look for in potential record deal candidates. You need to be implementing the kinds of business strategies that work for musicians like you so that you can get a deal and get started with your music career.
What Labels Look for
As a musician, it doesn’t really matter where you live anymore because record labels look for strong online presences. You could live in the middle of nowhere but if you look great online, labels might take interest in you. If you’re part of a band, labels will want to know that your shows are successful. If you’re a solo artist, labels will want to make sure that fans are engaging with you online and on social media.
The first thing that an A&R executive looks for is a large number of digital streams on your music. Do you have only a couple of streams on each streaming platform? Or do you have several thousand? You need to be able to prove to the label that people are interested in your music. This is because record labels have to spend a lot of money in order to invest in an artist such as you and they need to see proof that you’re going to be successful.
Next, a record label will look for your digital engagement. Are people talking about your music on social media? Are they liking and sharing your SoundCloud links? If not, then you’re going to need to show the label that you’re getting engagement. Purchasing Sound Cloud likes can be a great way to show any record label that people are interested in your music. You can make all the music you want but if you’re not business-savvy when it comes to creating the appearance of success, you won’t get far.
Business Tips You Can Implement
Now that you know what record labels look for, you can begin to implement some new business strategies. Start by booking more shows at your local venues and inviting everyone you know to come out and support your music. If no one is showing up to your shows, maybe you need to reevaluate the type of music you’re doing.
Start building your online presence before you reach out to record labels or send demo tapes to anyone. Just buy Sound Cloud likes or comments and start managing your online image. Keep posting pictures and sound clips on all social media platforms so that your followers can stay engaged with your content.
If you’re truly interested in getting a record deal, you need to be smart about the business side of your music. In the digital era, you can’t simply post songs online and expect them to blow up. You need to work hard and never give up.
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