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When is the Right Time to Start Branding and Marketing?

Whether you are starting a business or have been running one for a while; you will need to consider both branding and marketing.  These are two interlinked but different concepts which are essential to the survival and expansion of any business.

One question that many businesses ask is at what stage they should start their branding and marketing campaigns.  To answer this fully it is essential to understand the difference between branding and marketing:
·         Branding refers to your company and covers all your products.  It represents who you are and what you value.
·         Marketing is the advertisement of a specific product.  It connects to the brand to establish trust and introduces a new or existing product to potential customers.
Branding and marketing must be consider together to succeed.  But, in the first instance it is essential to build a name for your business through branding.    Maarca is one firm which specialises in this type of service.

When to Start Branding

The moment you decide that you are going to start a business you should be looking to start your branding campaign.  Every interaction you make with people and businesses is a chance to represent your company and its values.  

Ideally, you should create a presence on social media straight away.  This will allow you to interact with others and introduce what it is that you stand for.  The focus of this stage is not on the products you make or sell.  It is simply to bring your business to the attention of others.

The bigger your profile the more people will respect your voice and connect with you.  Providing you have remained true to your values then when they connect they will know that you are a reputable firm with a high level of integrity and one that offers quality products.

Starting Marketing

Only once you have generated enough interest in your business branding can you start to consider releasing marketing material.  If you have approached the branding correctly, you should be gaining a positive name at around the same time as you are ready to start releasing products.  You will then need to tap into this positive branding voice.

Marketing involves promoting a product by drawing attention to the benefits and advantages a customer will have if they choose the item you are offering.  The first stage is to advertise the features; the second part links this to your company. This is the same company that they have been learning to trust through your branding.  You can then finish any advert with a cut back to your product.  This will link the product to your brand within their mind and inspire the confidence in your product which is needed to start selling it.

In this way branding and marketing can work harmoniously together.  However, it is worth noting that the brand of a business is represented by everything they do.  Branding and marketing are an ongoing process and you may prefer to obtain specialist help to ensure you get this right in the long term. 
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