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What Are The Hallmarks Of A Professional Laundry Service?

Keeping clothes, bed sheets and tablecloths clean is one thing that a hotel manager always wants. This requires a lot of help, because there may be hundreds of pieces of laundry to take care of at any one time. Inefficiency could cause the hotel to grind to a halt if everything is not washed and ironed on time.

Often hotels will not be able to hire their own dedicated laundry service. This is because they will not have the money required to pay extra staff. In this case, the hotels will turn to a professional service which will be able to do everything for them, without any problems whatsoever.

There are many different indications of quality that distinguishes a hospitality laundry service from their rivals. What are the hallmarks of a professional laundry service? Some of these may seem less obvious than others. Careful consideration needs to be taken when hotel managers are choosing the right kind of service for the hotel they manage.

The Laundry Service Can Help Hotels Of Any Size

Hotels cater for different kinds of guests and have varying capacities. Every kind of hotel requires a laundry service to make sure that staff clothes are clean and that all the linen is taken care of. Boutique hotels that only have a few rooms might not have enough room to spare to put washing machines on their premises. Even the largest hotel resorts might not want to have the extra expense of keeping washing machines on their premises.

Quality laundry services will be able to help hotels of any size, no matter how much linen they need to have washed. Even the biggest chain hotels can expect quality service on a regular basis. Once the hotel has found a service that they like, they will become a repeat customer because they know that they are going to get the best quality service possible.
Check which laundry services are in the local area, and which kinds of hotels they cater for. This research is very important and should be done before the hotel has opened or if the hotel is having some problems with their existing laundry service. Stalbridge Linen provide laundry services for businesses in the hospitality industry all over the UK, for hotels of any size.

The Laundry Service Has A Fast Turnaround

Speed and efficiency are of the essence when a hotel is in operation. This ensures that guests are treated to the best experience possible without feeling that they are having to wait a long time to get a meal at the hotel restaurant or to check out of their rooms.

It is vital that the laundry service is as efficient as the hotel itself. The best kinds of laundry services are able to wash and iron even the biggest loads of laundry and then return them to the hotel so that they can be stored away and used again.

Research several different laundry services and ask them about the biggest workloads that they are able to handle. Then ask them about how quickly they are able to get the laundry finished.

The Laundry Service Is Able To Collect And Deliver All Of The Hotel Linen And Uniforms
When hotels are in full operation and are busy, the hotel manager will not want their hotel staff to have to pick up and drop off the laundry. This is inefficient and will cause employees to fall behind with the tasks that they have already been set.

One of the best things about a quality laundry service is if they don’t just wash and iron clothes and linen. These kinds of laundry services go the extra mile, and they will pick up the laundry from the hotel in a van. 

Once the washing and ironing process has been completed, the hotel manager will not want to have to send staff to pick up everything. Again, this is because the hotel manager wants to maintain efficiency and will not want staff to be away from their main duties for even a short space of time. The best hospitality laundry companies will be able to make sure that they deliver all of the hotel linen back to where it came from.

The Laundry Service Is Able To Provide Discounts On Large Amounts Of Washing

When large hotels need to have their laundry done, they do not want to have to deal with extortionate costs. If the cost of washing laundry becomes too high, then they might have to let some employees go or to raise the prices of their rooms or the meals in their restaurants. This is something that successful hotels are reluctant to do because they do not want to drive away potential customers.

Hotels often provide discounts for large groups which are checking into the hotel. The same can be said of professional laundry services when they are dealing with a very large order. They will be able to give the hotel a price which suits everyone. This ensures that the hotel is able to save some money, which can be used in other areas such as maintenance or employee wages. 

The Laundry Service Offers Refunds If Mistakes Are Made

Even the best laundry companies can make mistakes sometimes. It is natural that machines may break down occasionally, or laundry employees put the wrong kinds of chemicals in with the wrong kinds of clothes and linen. This can result in clothes and linen being discoloured, which is not something that any hotel manager wants at all. 

A quality laundry service will make sure that refunds are given when these types of mistakes happen. The hotel manager will be happy that they have got their money back and they will be much less likely to make a complaint. This ensures that a satisfactory compromise is reached and that the hotel is not left with a hole in its finances. 

Quality laundry services are needed if hotels are going to operate smoothly without any issues at all.
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