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The Way to Achieve a Great Mix on a Budget

It might look like most of the professional mixers, producers and engineers use high end expensive mixing boards, speakers and headphones to produce popular music their fans love. But it is not that one can only produce a good music mix with only expensive gear. There are other ways to achieve a perfect mix as well. You can now produce a good mix with free online music making tools along with a laptop or a smartphone.

When you are producing music, you must keep in mind that your audiences are probably not listening to your music on high end headphones or speakers. Hence, when you make a mix, you must use less expensive sound systems and you don’t really need to spend a fortune on buying high end gear either.
Here are a few ways that you can use to produce music that is not only good for you but for your fans as well.

Check Your Audio Equipment

Headphones or Ear Plugs:A good quality studio headphone is one of the most basic equipment needed by a mixer. You can go for something which has about 32 dB of outside sounds and 8–25,000 Hz of frequency. This should give you a clear and warm sound. You could of course, choose something a bit higher but anyway,it will not cost you more than $90-150. But make sure that you have done a check of its frequency, effects and levels before making the purchase.

But one thing you must keep in mind that your mix will sound the same to your fans only if they use the same headphone. Else you need to really fine tune the headphone a bit more or try listening to your mix on cheaper ear buds as most of your fans might just do that. You must note that these ear buds can identify the flaw in your mix better than the headphones.

Speakers on Laptop & Cell phones: Many of your fans might just love to listen to your music on their laptop or cell phone speakers while they are doing other activities like jogging, playing, cooking, reading, etc.

Sometimes the dynamic build or changing of chord depends on the bass line and if they are using a laptop, a bass line below 200 Hz might not show up on its speakers. So, one has to be careful about thisas shifting from headphone to speakers on a laptop can bring some frequencies under the mix. You could try boosting the midrange or else you could also try to bring in another instrument which can double the changes in the bassline and make it audible.

Similarly, when you are playing a mix on a cell phone, the sound will be in mono and if you can manage this, then you are really good at mixing! free online music making tools available on internet.
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