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The Challenges of Moving Households within a Large City

If you live in a large city, moving to another house or apartment can be challenging. With narrow streets, congested traffic, and no-parking zones, just driving a moving van from your old home to your new one can be difficult. However, if you hire a removals company, then you won’t have to deal with these three moving challenges on your own.

Driving in the City
If you’ve never driven a moving van before, it can be difficult driving down narrow roads and dealing with traffic. You would need to read signs to make sure the van could pass down a street with cars parked on both sides. In addition, you would to be aware of traffic as other drivers may not drive cautiously around the van when it’s turning or they may crowd it in their haste to get to their destinations.
Removals companies will have experienced drivers who know which streets they can drive down without incident. In addition, they will know how to negotiate narrower streets with cars parked on both sides to prevent accidents. If you want to know about hiring a professional removals company, click here: www.buzzmove.com/removal-companies.
Negotiating Stairs
Living in a flat is not uncommon when you live in a large city in the United Kingdom but it may mean negotiating stairs. If you’re lucky, there will be an elevator, but if you live in a walk-up, you would need to carry awkward pieces of furniture and heavy boxes downstairs if you’re acting as your own removals company. However, if you hire professional movers, they will have the equipment and experience needed to make moving heavy and awkward loads down stairs more easily.
They will have pads to cover the furniture so it doesn’t get scratched or dented and to protect the walls of the home that you’re moving from. They can also use equipment such as dollies and hand trucks to move furniture and boxes down the steps of the home to street level. By hiring a company, you also don’t have to worry about injuring yourself trying to negotiate stairs.
Parking on the Street
Many flats and houses in large cities do not have dedicated parking so everyone parks on the street. If your move is scheduled on a weekday, then parking a moving van on the street may not be difficult. However, if it’s scheduled for the weekend, the streets will probably be congested with cars parking on both sides of it.
In some cities, you need to get a permit to park in a loading bay when moving out of or into a residence. Some smaller cities may not charge residents or commercial removals companies to use loading bays for a limited amount of time. However, if you’re moving within a larger city, then you will need to provide notice and pay a fee. In London, a three-working day notice is required along with a £30 fee.
A removals company can make moving within a large city easier to do because of their experience.
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