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How to find The Right Tree Removal Specialist

If you have trees in your garden you may often be concerned with the possibility of them falling over.  The fact that the last few years seem to have brought more violent storms than ever before will only have fuelled these fears.

The issue is what you should do regarding these trees.  In general people do not like chopping down healthy trees; even if they are at risk.  There is only one real solution to your problem; you will need to locate a tree removal specialist and seek their opinion regarding the tree and whether it should be felled or not.

Any tree which is diseased should be trimmed or removed for its own sake; equally, a tree which is likely to fall onto your home will need to be removed for your safety.  The first step in this process is locating a good tree removal specialist; the best ones will be obvious thanks to the following points:


A good tree removal specialist will have an established reputation which can be easily verified by speaking to existing customers.  You will be able to identify the customers by talking to the tree removal specialist and asking for the contact details of one or two of his clients.

You can also verify a reputation by looking online.  The best firms will have a good following and plenty of positive comments.  There will be a few negative comments as it is not possible for any firm to satisfy every single customer.  In fact, a lack of any negative reviews may make you question the authenticity of the other reviews!  You should read some of the comments and look at the general consensus to establish whether the good reputation is valid or not.

Previous Work

Alongside the reputation you should be able to see examples of previous work.  Most professional tree removal specialists will take pictures of the trees before and after they have been removed; this will provide a good insight into how efficient and tidy they are.  In addition you will be able to assess how well the job was performed and decide if they are suitable for your own tree removal project.  


It is also important to assess the availability of the tree removal firm.  Whilst an inability to do the job for several weeks can suggest that the firm is exceptionally busy, it is of little help if the bad weather is already starting to arrive.  You must, therefore, balance the right level of availability with the need to get the job done.


Finally, it is worth looking at the cost of removing the tree.  Any good tree removal specialist will be able to provide a price for the tree removal.  The best approach is to consult several traders to locate the average price.  Your chosen tree removal specialist should have a price which is comparable to the other tree removal specialists you have received quotes from; this will ensure you are paying the right price and not one which is over the top.
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