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Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Send-Offs

Sometimes called a “grand exit”, a wedding send-off is a traditional way to end your ceremony. All you need to do is have each person at your wedding line up to create a pathway for you to make your way to your car or other mode of transportation to take you to your hotel or the reception. Most send-off lines feature some sort of favor or gimmick that the guests either hold or toss into the air to make it a more magical experience. Here are the five most common items that people use so you can make an informed decision about how you want your wedding send-off to go.


Rice is probably the best known and most traditional item that people have tossed during their send-off. However, since many people believe that rice can damage the digestive tracts of birds, most people stopped using it long ago in favor of one of these other options below. However, it is a fact that rice is not at all harmful to birds, so if you want to have your friends and family throw rice you should feel very comfortable doing so.


Confetti is another popular option for wedding send-offs, primarily due to the fact that you can get it in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. However, since most confetti is made from plastic or foil, many wedding venues will not allow you to use it unless it is of the biodegradable type. Getting biodegradable confetti will cost a little more, but it is a small price to pay to keep the environment healthy and you can still get it in a wide variety of colors and shapes.


Birdseed is another very popular item to throw during a wedding send-off, and it mainly became popular when the rumor about rice being harmful to birds was being spread. Fortunately, we now have access to the internet so we can look things up on the spot for truth-checking, so birdseed isn’t as popular of an option as it was a few years ago. Additionally, it will actually attract birds to your wedding which can be either a positive or a negative depending on your personal feelings, so that’s something to keep in mind as well.


Wedding sparklers are one of the newest items to use during a send-off line, but they are already one of the most popular options. You can get sparklers in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, but actual sparklers for weddings will always come in the color gold. Gold wedding sparklers won’t create any smoke which is important with so many burning right next to the bride and groom, and it also means you can use them indoors. 36 inch wedding sparklers work the best for send-off lines because they burn for the longest duration of time.


If you are having your wedding during the winter, you may want to have snowflakes tossed into the air. Similar to confetti, most venues want you to buy biodegradable snowflakes so they won’t hang around for more than a couple of days. There’s nothing more majestic than snowflakes floating down as you make your way out of your wedding ceremony.

No matter what items you give your guests to use during your send-off, you should always check with your venue ahead of time to make sure it’s allowed. Whether it is fire codes preventing the use of wedding sparklers or a venue policy that requires you to use biodegradable confetti, knowing everything ahead of time you can enjoy your wedding send-off without any unwanted complications.
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