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Craving For The Best Spray Tan In New York? Fundamental Tips

Here are some spray tan tips you should know before you go ahead and hop into the booth.
Spray tans last about one week, so give or take
Most spray tans last about seven days, however, this may vary from one person to another. Before your tan, be sure to shower and exfoliate. Utilize a body scrub to slough away any dry or flaky skin prior to the procedure so as to allow the pigment to adhere and appear smoothly.
The color can’t just fade away
The pigment left behind by the spray tans is meant to gradually disappear as the top layer of   skin regenerates, so it isn’t something you can just clean off. That is why it can last up to seven days- and why it should be handled with caution, otherwise it would be stuck unnaturally giving your skin an ugly look. Be sure to do your research and choose a quality salon. 
Apply lotion regularly
It’s very important to constantly hydrate your newly tanned skin with an oil free lotion; it’s actually the most effective way to make the color last longer since it won’t dry off and necessitate premature exfoliation.
You don’t need to scrub your dry skin
To preserve the quality of your tan, gently pat yourself dry instead of scouring with a towel after the shower. Avoid using coarse washcloths as well. The idea is to prevent prolonged exfoliation of the skin so that you don’t end up sloughing them off.
Wear nail polish and apply barrier cream
Wearing nail polish into the booth plays a crucial role in protecting your nails against damage by the spray tan. And for the drier parts of your body, like the knees, elbows, and ankles, which will typically absorb more pigment, always apply a protective cream before the tan. This will prevent them from getting too dark. Most salons will provide the barrier cream, so be certain not to skip it. All salons are different, some have super experienced technicians where barrier creams are not even necessary.
Spray tanning can sometimes be costly, but you can find discounted deals from some of the top providers. If you are apprehensive about the procedure but still want to try it out, ensure that you’re getting the best spray tan in New York to help you out.
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