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A One Stop Solution for Office Relocation

If your company has experienced sustained growth for a few years and the future is looking bright, then it is time to think about an office upgrade. In any industry, image is everything and if you are going to upgrade your office space, you would want a more prestigious address. This is an essential for a growing business, but the closer you get to the heart of the business district, the more expensive the rental, and finding the right space can be a challenge in itself.

Professional Help

If you are based in London, for example, and you wanted to relocate 20 miles to a more suitable district, you can make contact with the leading office fitout company Saracen Interiors, who will not only facilitate the move, they can also source the right premises. An office fitout company enables you to keep your finger on the pulse, as you normally would, and without the concern of arranging the relocation, you are free to oversee the day to day running of the company.

Office Design

If you have selected a site, it is likely to be an open space within the four exterior walls, and this open plan concept is ideal for office design, as it allows you to start with a blank page, so to speak. Saracen Interiorsspecialise in designing the optimum office, and with their considerable resources, they can handle the entire project from start to finish.

Packing and Relocation

A reputable company would be responsible for the packing of all items to be relocated and anything that is to be discarded would be responsibly recycled. The most important thing is the move can take place without affecting your day to day business activities. Gone are the days when you would close for a couple of days while the move happens, and this is essential for the smooth running of the business. Transport would be suitable and the new venue would be prepared in advance by the relocation team, making for a smooth transition. Utilities and IT equipment would all be arranged in advance by the project manager, ensuring that you can simply plug into your LAN when the workstations are set up.

The New Office

Preparations would be made to ensure that everything is ready, and once the vehicles arrive, the team would get to work. They would begin with the essentials, such as your phone and Internet connections. They would have many years of hands-on experience in office design and fitting, and there wouldn’t be anything they haven’t come across before. You might be surprised at how fast the move can be, and within a day or two, everything is in its place and the new layout is appreciated by all.

The Internet is a great source of information and if you ever need an office renovation or relocation, a simple search will put you in touch with a one stop service.
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