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5-Day Personal Stylist Training: A Fast Solution for a Big Career

Remember how much fun it was to put together outfits for your Barbie doll and dress her up for different occasions? A career as a personal stylist can be just as much fun while providing a real-life service that helps others. People who never learned the fine art of selecting clothes, matching their colors, and projecting the right image to others will pay you to use your skills to accomplish what they can’t. 

Sterling Style Academy explains that their options in personal stylist training include 5-day short courses in New York, Miami, Paris, Milan, and Dubai where students will get the best possible training in the center of the most exciting fashion districts in the world. No other career offers such a large potential for success with such a short period of time investment. 

What Does a Personal Stylist Do?

A personal stylist selects clothing and accessories for individuals, TV guests, performers, video presentations, and all kinds of public appearances where image is everything. Through your personal stylist training, you will learn how to perform color analysis, make wardrobe choices, and shop for the clothing and accessories that will accomplish the goal of the client.

Who Will Make a Good Personal Stylist?

Someone who paid a lot of attention to clothing when they were still young enough to play with dolls may have the essential skills needed to work in fashion. As an adult, the ideal candidate for personal stylist training will have a passion for fashion that permeates every aspect of their life. They love to look at fashion magazines and always wear the latest trends. In addition, they will have the kind of people-friendly personality that will put clients at ease. 

Most people who successfully complete personal stylist training will have their own business. Some graduates will work with other stylists or for retail stores until they have had the chance to build their reputation and a base clientele. Once they are established and have a number of satisfied clients, their reputation will grow through word-of-mouth. A combination of the right training, skills, and talent will result in a successful career in fashion.

The Fast-Track to Job Security in the Fashion Industry

Whether you have longed for years to have a job in the fashion industry and had no idea how to accomplish your goals or you have always wanted to be a personal stylist specifically, personal stylist training is a fast and effective way to become a part of one of the fastest emerging careers in the fashion industry. 

In addition to a genuine interest in fashion, good candidates can also benefit from experience working in the retail industry. Everything else, including an understanding of colors, skin tones, body styles, and a knowledge of brands, will come from the best personal stylist training they can get.

Dressing a real person is more complex than playing dress-up with Barbie dolls but a career as a personal stylist can be just as exciting and fun while also being profitable for the right candidate.
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