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Why Bike Tours in NYC are Great fun

NYC is a big vast city rated by many as the liveliest place on the planet. It’s full of energy and charm at every turn and corner, offering so many things to see and enjoy during a trip. It has historical monuments, places to explore arts, beautiful gardens, parks and trendy bars, pubs and restaurants. Its attractions are so many that you would need a few days to experience it fully. All along, roads are always packed, the Subway is a bit complex, cabs can punch a hole in your pocket, and exploring it on-foot can take days. That’s where bike tours make sense! 

Let’s look at why bike tours are great fun in NYC –

You get a guided tour 
NYC is massive and first-timers may find it a bit overwhelming upon arrival. Chances are, they might get confused with all the dazzles and sights and sounds around. A guided tour however soothes the nerves as you know an expert is there to help along. Take your visit to Central Park, for example. It becomes even more fruitful when you hire a guide and get him ride along with you. This way, you get to visit all the major attractions without worrying about missing anything.

Enjoy the city at your own pace
To visit and enjoy NYC at its best, you need both time and attention. You can’t just rush into things and expect to enjoy all the charms. Rather, you have to go along leisurely, gazing at the skyline, taking in the scenic beauty and relishing every bit on the way. All this is only possible when you go on a bike tour.      

Enjoy the stunning views of the city    
NYC has quite a few major bike routes to go along and experience the city first hand. One such route lines is along the Hudson River, and lets you ride all the way from Battery Park City to the George Washington Bridge. The entire stretch is perfect to cycle along at a leisure pace and savor the stunning views of the city. Ride on a calm road and get a summer morning breeze with virtually no one to disturb the trance-like swaying of the seat.   

Bike through Central Park
Don’t leave Central Park unless you have enjoyed a bike tour as this is the best way to explore this 843-acres of lush green gem. Get to ride on some interesting routes with Central Park bike tours and pass through scenic environments all around. Stop by at sites of your choice, get detailed information about the passing by monuments, and feel the pleasure of cycling on a 60-mile loop with both hilly and flat terrains to enjoy. You can ride for close to two hours along scenic and bike-friendly paths and enjoy the park fully. 

Escape the noise and enjoy the car-free side of NYC
The Big Apple can be incredibly chaotic at times making your navigation through the city a hell. You might get stuck for hours in traffic losing precious hours on the tour. Bike tours help you escape that demanding side and let you enjoy the car-free and noise-less side of the city. So, you can feel delighted at seeing amazing views of the Hudson River, new walkways and riverside parks.
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