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The Ultimate NYC Taxi Guide

NYC can be confusing and overwhelming to those new to the city. It is however not that complex if you know how to navigate it. Getting around the city is easy if you are aware of how public transportation works there. Lucky for you, taxis can be seen zooming all around, so you can feel relaxed, hail them and get going. But yes, grabbing a taxi takes some skill and knowledge that you should definitely have. Only then can you get a cab the way locals do.

How to know if the taxi is available

Knowing whether a taxi is available or not takes some doing. The first obvious hint is to look at the back seat. Then look at the light on the car’s roof – the cab is available if the number light is lit, and not available if it’s dark. In some cases, the back seat remains the most potent indicator in cases where the number light is out of order.

Off-duty cabs

Cabs do operate in shifts here and it’s always harder to find them within 30 minutes or so when the shift change happens. So, you need to first look at the off-duty sign on the side of the center number, before attempting to hail a cab. If you’re lucky, cabs might pick you up if your route matches with his.

Taxi fare

Before hailing a taxi,you must know that they are not the cheapest way of getting around the city.They won’t cost much if you’re in a group though. Moving ahead, the fare is kind of reasonable and it won’t make a hole in your pocket if you don’t hire them regularly. Hiring a cab means you have to pay a base fare of $2.50 with 50 cents for every 1/5 of a mile, these fares change often so check before your next trip.

How to book one in during rush hour

You should get an app on your phone to counter the menace of rush hour. Secondly, when everyone around seems like they’re looking to hire a taxi, it’s better you move a block or two and try with a renewed hope. Try walking to the next avenue or walking a couple of blocks to the direction you are hiring a cab for, or try to stand on a side street. If you spot black cars, make sure to negotiate the fare before getting in.

Be gracious while hiring a taxi

It’s definitely not a good thing to snatch away  someone else’scab. Never take yourself in front of someone who’s been there for longer trying to get a cab. Show some grace and avoid bickering as it makes you look very bad.

What to do after hiring the taxi

A taxi is surely not your hop on hop off New York tour where you just sit and ride along.Here, tell the driver where to go and give him a landmark. Let the driver choose the route; if you however know, ask him to follow that route. Be polite,and it is common etiquette to tip the driver if they did a good job.
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