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Personalized content –the E-commerce sharpens tool in 2017

In this fast growing and competitive era, the E-commerce expert using personalized content or the Relationship-driven Marketing to Improved Conversions. The Relationship-driven Marketing is the combination of personalized content and behavioral targeting, Amazon is the best example of How to Use Personalized Content for user satisfaction, let me describe how, 800 different visitors visit Amazon.com, and each one sees a local version (or the different version) of the home page.

How this happens?

Because, it’s personalized!

Actually, people changes, the access internet is not limited now with a PC or laptop, the people have ability to access your content from multiple devices such as Mobile Phone, tablets, handheld device are the few examples, why not check 9 e-commerce trends for update.

“74% of consumers get frustrated when website content appears that has nothing to do with their interests”Janrain

The people come from different channels, and it is where their experience with your company grows or lost, so you have to, treats them all differently with personalized content, for example, for UAE customer amazon use amazon.uae, while for the UK it is Amazon.co.uk and so on. HubSpot is another example, use of smart Content and personalization, so you have to show the most relevant content, message, and product description to each of your visitors.

Why to use content personalization?

No doubt, people visiting your site have not same intentions, they come with different aims: few are to buy something, but at the other hand others simply doing an online search for research work, for survey, even some trying to get jobs for you. And, you supplying same content to all, now just look in another scenario, where you have your visitor’s local data such as:
  • Location (the basic information about – city, country, and region). •
  • Search keywords – did they come from generic search while searching for a watch or gadgets?
  • Customer record – have bought before, what, how much did it cost? Or just surf website without purchase anything or other customer history that can beneficial to show the products accordingly.
  • Sessions behavior – How this visitor surf site (navigation clicks) How many page views and the previous session timing of the site.

“67% of online adults would lose their patience and leave a website if shown an ad asking for donations from the political party they dislike most.” -Janrain

According to a recent survey conclusion, in United State approximately 190 million people (or more than half the U.S. population) buying items online rather than go to store in year 2016. And the trend will continue for the coming years.

Personalizing content doesn’t happen in one or two days or night process, it takes time. It requires efforts, money, resources and knowledge how to apply correctly.

The primary steps are defining who your audience is, and then you have to implement the correct strategy to serve buyers based content (on their interests, buying behavior, demographics and psychographics).
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