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Meet Your Recruitment Goals With These Trends For 2017

If your company wants to stay ahead of the competition in 2017, you’re not just going to need to adopt the most competitive technology and stay on top of the latest marketing trends, you also have to know how to attract and retain the top talent in your industry. According to LinkedIn’s “Small and Mid-Sized Business Recruiting Trends 2017” report, recruitment is set to change in the coming year.

The good news is that if you work with a recruiter, your company can keep its head above water in Vancouver’s competitive talent market. Below, you’ll find the most important takeaways in LinkedIn’s report, as summarized by Vancouver recruiters IQ Partners. These are the five most important things to know if your company is going to be expanding or replacing talent and senior management positions.

Top 5 Takeaways For Talent Acquisition in 2017

#1 Recruiters are more focused than ever on quality hires in the coming year and that means they’re going to be busy. Odds are, your HR department won’t be able to spare the resources to match the job a recruiter can when it comes to finding the right candidate.

#2 Talent acquisition must start having a bigger voice at executive levels if companies are going to be able to compete for more competitive applicants.

#3 Recruitment budgets should look beyond typical strategies and instead focus on investing in branding, which is just as important for recruitment as business.

#4 The message top candidates are looking for is a focus on career opportunities and organizational culture.

#5 More companies are leaning toward automated screening, while many companies are also focusing on increasing diversity.

Bottom Line: The Trends in Numbers

The LinkedIn report was also broken down into some important statistics by Vancouver headhunters IQ Partners that are worth taking a look at before you evaluate your 2017 hiring strategy.

84 percent of talent and Human Resources managers say that their first priority is talent, and over half stated that competition for candidates was the biggest challenge they faced.

50+ percent of companies plan to make more hires in 2017 than they did in 2016, meaning greater strain will be put on limited talent pools.

50 percent of organizations consider referrals to be the most reliable source of talent acquisitions, while job boards follow.

52 percent of hiring managers would, if they weren’t constrained by limited budgets, prioritize branding investment over all other concerns, with over 75 percent believing that branding is the single most important factor in attracting talent.

38 percent of hiring managers are looking for ways to attract more diversity in job applicants.

One third of hiring managers also plan to focus more on soft skills before making hiring decisions.

If you want to come out on top despite the increased competition for a limited number of candidates, partner with recruiters in Vancouver who know what quality candidates are looking for and how to bring them on within your budget. Great recruiters know that lifestyle and perks can often factor higher than compensation among Vancouver professionals, and that organizational culture and career opportunities also factor highly in talented candidates’ priorities. Partner with the best when you need management and executive talent.
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