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List of Activities your Must do when you are in Germany

Germany is a country which always tops the list of nations that must be visited. It has been prominent for European politics with an engaging history and inventions that helped the world advance. The bold and bursting culture of the country adorned with its natural beauties add to its grandeur. Medieval castles Germany is a marketing channel that highlights on the must-visit places in Germany and helps you plan the best trips of your life!

Germany is spectacular with its pristine and clean natural beauty and medieval castles that rein our imaginations of fairy and Disney tales. Here are top 4 activities that you must never miss after stepping in this spellbinding European nation.

Exploring the Rhine

When Rhine meets Moselle is a journey worth taking! So travel though the spectacular vineyards and steeped churches on the Rhine valley and enjoy a glass of wine. Relish the blue and green waters of one of the longest rivers in Europe and enjoy the journey in Rhine valley scenic train to grab the splendor of this beautiful valley.

Travel by the Medieval Castles

Germany is most popular for its medieval castles and monumental structures that can take you the dreamy fairy tales and Disney joys. The curved sides and dreamy spires of the Fussen castle leave you with a sense of majesty. The Neuschwanstein and other impressive castles are epitomes of grandeur that must be included in your to-do list of visiting in Germany

Sip of 3 Liquids in cologne

Cologne is a city that has 3 enjoyable liquids. Kolsch is a light colored beer served in most restaurants while Eau de Cologne is another lavish beer produced since 1972. It also has medicinal properties and demands a sip from every tourist. The chocolate served in liquid form at the very dear chocolate museum adds to the thirds in the list. These liquids must be sipped atleast once in your trip.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

The Brandenburg gate in Berlin is an iconic landmark that stands within the divided city raising a shadow between the west and east. It still stretches out gives you an unparalleled joy while walking past this gate. You can also hike into the Tiergarten Park and explore this amazing tourist attraction.

Hivino Travel will also help you explore the black forest in the southwest border with France which has a splendid sight to behold. The mossy mountain soil, babbling brooks, spiky peaks of pine are simple irresistible
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