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Impress Your Boss by Creating Your Own Work Tracker

Are you working hard and yet feel you aren’t recognized better? Don’t worry, the discrepancy wouldn’t be on your work, but on the way you track your work. You need a tracking system through which you can document your performance every day and prove to your boss that you’re meticulous and trustworthy in your job. You need a simple yet practical system, so that you and your boss can keep track of your daily output.

The traditional approach can come in handy

One simple way to keep track of your work is to stick to the traditional method. You can keep note of your work in a diary or a notebook, where you can manually enter your all days’ work plan, like goals, assignments received, deadline for completion, guidelines provided, and more. 

You need to stick by the Time Clock Genie and note down all your activity for the day.You can also include tools, like checklists, calendars, guidelines, and other such tools for additional guidance to perform a task. 

If you’re reporting to multiple persons, you can create a template for each boss. You can also create templates for recurring tasks and responsibilities, making it easier to be followed.  Refine your system so it’s easier for you to keep track of your performance.

Trust technology to work smart

Writing down your schedule manually on paper might be a tedious job.  You can choose the electronic tools available online for tracking your work. All you’ll need is a database and scheduling program, through which you can create a data record for each and every task that you take up or complete. 

Whenever you’re assigned a new project orif there are any changes to an existing assignment, you can enter the required data into the electronic record. Reporting to multiple people can be made simple by creating templates for each boss. You can also create templates or labels for ongoing tasks, pending tasks, responsibilities, and finished projects. 

One of the greatest advantages of using electronic tools is that they are usually logical and help you efficiently organize your documentation system. You also don’t have to worry about losing your work track, because they are captured digitally and are automatically time-stamped. 

Some software like a time clock from https://timeclockgenie.comalso allow users to import key emails, messenger services, so that you can keep your boss updated about your ongoing work. 

Things to be included in your tracker

Whatever is the tool you use for tracking, make sure you have covered these key pieces of information:
  1. Instructions to be followed – Make a note of the instructions and requirements that were assigned to you. This includes the standard operating procedures, things to be included in your work, rules or guidelines, the stipulated deadlines or timelines, and other responsibilities.
  2. Track down your work – You can enter the actual work as you complete each task, to-dos, fulfill each requirement,achieve goals, and meet your deadlines.
  3. Track your performance– You can make a note on how your work is matching up against the expectations set by your boss. You can easily track your requirements, rules and operating procedures, and determine if you have met your goals.
Now that you know how to efficiently track your workflow, you can comfortably plan your work, and be the most influential employee.
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