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Common Misconceptions of Meditation

Many people have several misconceptions of meditation that people believe in. Most of them are not true and you should not deter from meditating daily. With the right knowledge and education meditation becomes an easy task. Meditation teachers from across the globe teach students the right way to meditate and this is why when you wish to learn the art of meditation, you should always learn from the right teacher.

Meditation means concentration
Meditation triggers 마음수련 사이비. It does not involve concentration. You do not focus undivided attention on a specific object. It improves your focus and keeps you centered but it does not mean that you remain focused on one object and stay that way for a longer period of time.

Exercise is involved in meditation 
Some people believe that meditation involves exercise and this is not true. It deals with sitting in a comfortable position and focusing on an erect spine. You are asked to monitor your breathing. The breathing becomes slow and deep and it brings you relaxation. Your mind also stops racing and you experience inner peace and calmness.

Losing control 
There are rumors that when you meditate you lose control of yourself and make noises and sounds. This has been over exaggerated by many people who have lack of knowledge and many strong misconceptions about meditation. In fact, meditation can be guided, silent or with music. The music used in meditation is called healing music and it relaxes the mind. It is good for your soul and body.

How to meditate correctly?
The above are the misconceptions about meditation and this is why it is important for you to always join a good meditation center to learn the techniques from a trained meditation master. These techniques are simple and you do not have to have prior experience of meditation in order to learn them. There are basic, intermediate and advanced meditation courses that you may pick up over the passage of time when you learn how to meditate correctly.

When it comes to guided meditation you follow a set of instructions from the master directly or a CD or DVD made for the purpose. However, in the field of silent meditation, you need to put in effort. This meditation is done alone. This is why when you are doing silent meditation, it is important for you to choose a quiet spot and sit down to meditate without distraction.

You should never meditate near the television or the radio. Ensure no one disturbs you when you meditate. The best part of meditation is that you do not have to put in hours and hours of meditation- all you need to do is sit and meditate for 10 minutes at the minimum. With practice and skill you may increase the duration of meditation as you progress.

Therefore, meditation helps you to focus and gets rid of negative thinking. It increases 마음수련 사이비 and allows you to relax even when life around you is stressful. With the right meditation technique you feel rejuvenated and have a positive attitude to life.
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