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AGF and his God

Meet Blake’s Excellency 

AGF Management Ltd. Board of Directors is delighted to proclaim the appointment of Blake Goldring to the prestige of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AGF Management Ltd. Goldring is also Chairman and C.E.O. of AGF Trust Co. and AGF Private Investment Management. In his new role, Blake Goldring is answerable for overseeing operations of the company’s three divisions and generating sustainable long-term growth for shareholders. Goldring most freshly held the prestige of C.E.O. and president of AGF Management Ltd, having assist in progressively senior status in 1987 since play a part in the company. Mr. Goldring has supervised the expansion of AGF’s deep pockets under management from $7.5 to $38 billion todays. Blake Goldring agf has played an important role in the development of new products and AGF’s international operations.

Rising star

Goldring is member of the Toronto Society of Financial Analysts and a student of the Institute of Canadian Bankers. He is also a Director of the World Wildlife Fund of Canada and Canadian Film Centre. He also holds the status of Colonel Honorary in The Royal Regiment of Canada. Mr. Goldring is also a non-passive comrade of innumerable association, arts, education and business federations. Mr. Goldring competes his father, C. Warren Goldring, who is suspecting the role of Chairman of Honorary. Mr. Goldring will uphold the oral history of revolution, excellence and success orthodox by his father Goldring Warren since he co-created AGF in 1957.Canada's one of premier, AGF investment management co. with offices beyond Canada and subsidiaries around the world. With roughly, billion$38 in total property under management, AGF gives more than one million shareholders with offerings beyond the wealth continuum.

Blake C. Goldring is a premier independent investment management company with operations in Canada, the United states, Asia and Europe. Entitled Chairman in 2006, Chief Director General Officer in 2000 and President in 1997, he has led the expansion of AGF’s corporation, which today controls over $35 billion in shareholder’s property globally. Goldring bears an Honours BA, Economics from the University of Toronto and MBA from in France. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst appellation. Inclusion, Blake is Chairman of Canada Co.: many ways to fulfil, an apolitical organization he created to get community leaders in 2006 beyond Canada together to support the Canadian army and their kinsfolk in the profession they do at home and abroad.Underneath Goldring, the company grossed wealth management organisation, counting Global Strategy Holdings, Capital Cypress Management, Doherty and Associates Investment Counsel, Highstreets Asset Management and Acuity. 

During the same phase, the organisation built a Trust federation, AGF Trust, later in 2012sold to Laurentian Bank for million $420, and Unisen, a third-party administration company, sold in 2005 for million $114 to Citibank. Blake Goldring agf as chairman and chief director general officer, he has lead the development of four strategic expenditure platforms at AGF to grow the firm's client base to count more institutional and high net-worth shareholders and diversify from its mutual fund histories. The four phase concentrates on institutional, retail, private counter and alternative investment management.
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