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Addiction Rehab: Would It Cost You Everything?

Addiction rehab is an effort to put a stop to the increasing and alarming issues of substance abuse and dependence in Canada. The Canadian government initiated various efforts such as government-funded treatment clinics for those grappling with all types of substance addiction. There are also private rehab facilities that provide comprehensive rehabilitation services for individuals that what to turn their back from their old nasty habit. One of the most pressing questions about addiction rehab is the cost of the treatment. What exactly do you need to know?

 Addiction Rehab Cost and More

The cost of admitting to a rehab facility is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for an addiction treatment center. There are variables that generally influence the cost of the treatment and these include:

·         Type of Facility. There are 2 main types of addiction rehab facilities available namely inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. Inpatient rehab facilities basically cost more compared to outpatient treatment clinics. Inpatient residential treatment centers require the client to pay for the therapy, lodging, meals, and activities. Outpatient centers only charge you for the treatment program you entered.
·         Treatments and Rehab Methods. There are various types of addiction rehab treatments available, depending on the needs of the individual. The treatment type that the person would receive is mainly based on the results of the initial assessment. Treatments may include the detox program and medication-assisted therapy but others, mostly government-funded facilities do not have these treatments readily available on their premises. The cost of the treatment may also include various therapies and a complete aftercare service.
·         Available Amenities. Addiction rehab treatment in an inpatient residential setting would include the amenities accessible in the facility in the overall cost of the program. Private rehab centers have more amenities compared to government-funded centers especially those with limited funds. Some of the common amenities include an onsite gym, nutrition counseling program, swimming pool, massage therapy, and many others.
·         Rehab Facility Location. There are luxurious rehab centers that would even look like a resort and these facilities are undoubtedly much more expensive than others. It would also influence the cost of the treatment if the facility is located in an easy to access address or if the location is well-developed and in an expensive gated community.
·         Length and Size of the Program. Addiction rehab programs vary in length and the type of treatments in one program for a specific patient. The cost may depend if you are given a small or large group therapy or even one-on-one treatment. Program length usually ranges between 30 and 90 days, depending on the needs of the individual and his response to the treatment.

Canada is one of the top countries that have been heavily hit by the addiction pandemic. Nevertheless, the country is impressively combating this plague with various successful addiction rehab programs and facilities. Contact a rehab clinic if you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse and addiction for immediate treatment.
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