How to Pick Sarees According to Your Shape And Complexion

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Saree is one of the fascinating traditional attires loved by women all over India. It is known as the first love for the elegant ladies irrespective of their age, shape, and complexion. There is a wide variety of sarees representing each province of India. Colors, fabrics, designs, and patterns vary to give each piece a distinctive look.

Modern women are equally fond of this ethnic outfit and look for an occasion to flaunt their styles in gorgeous sarees. If you are skeptical about your look, this blog will certainly help you make an eye-grabbing appearance wherever you go. Choosing the right saree according to body type and color often seems to be a challenging task. Let’s put an end to your ‘what to wear’ woe for party, wedding, and event.

A carefully draped saree can hide your extra flesh and flaws while highlighting your best features. Wearing a saree according to your complexion and body shape really matters a lot to accentuate your beauty. Followings are some tips to give you the best look in this attire.

If you are tall and fair you are blessed to wear bold colors, broad borders, and large prints. Whether you are wearing cotton, silk saree or georgette saree, heavy embellishments and handcrafted designs will look good on you. Net saree with lace border is now high on trend and being tall with a perfect figure, you have the liberty to pick out any contemporary designs and patterns.

Pretty and petite girls should go for a short border with vertical prints. If you are slightly dusky you can opt for nude shades which offer a classy look. Cotton is a stiff fabric and it looks perfect on skinny body.  You can settle for silk and organza sarees as well. Light color with a contrasting heavy border can be your ideal attire. Slim girls carry off backless, sleeveless, or halter neck blouse with great panache.

Is your weight bugging you? Silk and chiffon fabrics can give you a body balanced shape and you will look impressive in such comfortable sarees. Handloom sarees are quite popular and it will give you an elegant look if you drape it properly. To hide your flab, you can opt for a full sleeve or three-quartered blouse.

The voluptuous figure is undoubtedly attractive. Curvaceous women must pick chiffon, georgette, and net fabrics that fit snugly around their bodies, highlighting their curves. Light sarees with embroidery or zari work will have a good fall to increase your oomph factor.

Carefully pleat your saree to look classy and make sure to accessorize your look with perfect jewelry. Pay close attention while choosing your clutch, shoes, and neckpiece. You can dazzle in a plain and simple saree if you pick sparkling studs and a designer neckpiece.

At Nallu Collection, we offer mind-boggling saree collection at different prices. So if you want to buy sarees online, make sure to drop by our site and fill the cart with your favorite items. Besides sarees, we also offer salwar-kameez, kurti, and lehenga-cholis. From bridal trousseau to casual wear, all you can get here with just a few clicks.

7 Advantages of Weight Training Which Will Motivate You

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Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Strength training or weight training has many advantages and in this article, we will discuss a couple of them. Skinny people can opt for a diet and exercise plan, which is strategically designed for them. Proper diet is responsible for improving red blood cell production. You can discuss with your physician about consuming health supplements for quick results.

Improves metabolic

When you will do weight training, it will help you in increasing muscles in your body which will improve your metabolic rate. When you are strength training, your fat will turn into muscles. Your muscles will become stronger and your body will become a calorie-burning machine. This will also help you reduce your belly size and all your fat, which is accumulated around your waistline, will vanish. Muscle tissues burn calories 15 times faster than the fat tissue. Weight training is one of the best ways to increase your metabolic rate.

Heart benefits

Stronger muscles are good for your heart. When your muscles are healthy,it means that your heart does not have to work harder to supply the blood. Strong muscles are also beneficial in controlling the blood pressure. American Heart Association is recommending doing strength training at least twice a week for a healthy heart.


When you will work out your body will start looking good. Strength training will increase lean muscles in your body and this will make your body firm. On the other hand, fat is an attractive and it is responsible for sagging bottom-line.

Protect your back

Stronger muscles means, you will put less stress on your body’s joints especially on your backbone and connective tissues. While lifting weights, you do not have to exert as much as other guys will do. You can do ordinary tasks easily. People who are prone to joints diseases like arthritis can put a check on it by doing bodybuilding.


Stronger and healthy muscles mean you have to put less effort while accomplishing daily tasks and in the evening when everybody is tired, you will have good energy. Even after returning from your office, you can do other stuff too. People who are working out have better energy levels than their peers who are not exercising. Proper exercising and diet will also give a boost to your brain, you will feel it and experience it.

Free radicals will go away

People who are doing weight training have lesser free radicals in their body; this is in comparison with those who are not training. Free radicals are known as damaging agents in the body. Sedentary lifestyle is responsible for increasing free radicals. On the other hand, exercising or bodybuilding will help you live an active and healthy life.

Strengthen your bones

When you put pressure on your bones, they will become stronger. Stronger bones mean you have lesser chances of osteoporosis. Weight training is very important for women because after menopause they are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. Health supplements are good for improving red blood cell production.

Top Tips To Lose Weight And Shed Those Extra Pounds

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Has your weight loss program stalled? Not able to find any evident results? It happens a number of times. You do your best but, you are not able to find any results. You feel to cut down on calorie intake, make your body work more but then, it can cause long-term issues to the body.

Then it is time you try out the below-mentioned techniques and start losing more weight. Keep in mind that all the techniques may not work well for you. So keep trying them and find the one that suits you, shed pounds.

Opting for intermittent fasting: A good number of people have reaped the benefits of intermittent fasting. Here you are only allowed to eat for eight hours and the remaining time you have to follow fasting strictly. The main idea behind following such a diet plan is to ensure that your body will burn that stored fat during the fasting hours. Following such a plan will help your body to eat a variety of dishes during the feeding window of eight hours.

Personally, I would suggest you not to follow the diet plan for a longer time as it can affect your hormone balance in the body. If you are looking for any quick results just within a span of a couple of weeks, it can be a good idea.

Carb cycle: Following a proper carb cycle will let you burn more fats. So according to this plan, make sure you take in more carbs on the days when you are training and half of it on the days when you are not. The fat stored in your body will start burning and the glycogen present in the muscles gets restored. Moreover, it will make you feel satiate throughout the day.

Not sure about what to eat on those training days? The best solution is to go for diet plans which will help to replenish your body with important nutrients throughout the day. You can easily find diet plans without burning your pockets using featured on thedietsuggestions. Consuming whey protein will also help to fill up the protein gap in the diet.

Go for dropsets: One of the best ways to focus on boosting the metabolic rate is by doing dropsets. First of all, perform exercises by taking heavy weight until your muscles are tired. Then lower your weight and do the same until your muscles are tired.

Keep on reducing the weight and exercise. It will directly affect the muscle glycogen and tear them apart. Eventually, it will help to improve the metabolic activity post-workout to restore the glycogen back in the muscle.

Make meal planning stress-free: What are you eating now and what will you eat later should not bother you throughout the day. Moreover, counting grams and calories can lead to stress. In short, you don’t want to spend the entire day doing such kind of activities. So plan out everything when you are free, say for Sunday. Take your time and decide what you will be having throughout the week. You can feel it a bit overwhelming in the beginning but, having a week of a healthy diet that can help you burn fat is what matters.

Take a break: Here I am not suggesting you to miss out your workout sessions every now and then. On the contrary, what I am saying is to take a break and rest. If you are feeling aches and discomfort, then there is no meaning in pushing your limits off. Rather, it will do more harm than any good to your body.

So, follow these tips and make good attempts to burn down those stubborn calories you had built up with time.

Ramp Up Your Wardrobe for Your New Job

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Have you just graduated from college and landed your first professional position? It’s time to ditch the sweat pants and flannel shirts and begin assembling a professional wardrobe.  Follow these fashion tips from the professional stylists and you’ll be on your way to building a wardrobe that will last for years to come.

The first rule of thumb in assembling a professional wardrobe is to select quality over quantity. Quality clothing is always less expensive in the long run. A well-tailored suit constructed of quality fabrics will wear better and longer than a cheap off the rack garment.  Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of quality shoes at  Johnston Murphy.  Select fabrics and colors that are neutral and will withstand the test of time.  Anchor pieces such as shoes and suits should be given first priority.

Loud colors and bowties from fraternity functions won’t give you the respect and credibility you’re seeking in a professional setting. Muted ties in conservative prints will go much further in presenting a professional image than logos and animated prints.  Follow the lead of the more senior individuals in your department when selecting suitable fashion selections.

Give the same attention to your briefcase of backpack selection. These can certainly reflect your own personal style but should carry a professional cache. Cell phone cases and laptop sleeves should also be toned done for a more professional presentation in meetings. Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll be on your way to establishing a quality, professional wardrobe that will last for years to come.

Finally, make an appointment with your salon and have a consultation for a new, professional cut that’s in keeping with your hair type and new position. Avoid loud colors or unnatural dies. The same set of guidelines should apply to any jewelry selections.  Best of luck to you!

Why Bike Tours in NYC are Great fun

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NYC is a big vast city rated by many as the liveliest place on the planet. It’s full of energy and charm at every turn and corner, offering so many things to see and enjoy during a trip. It has historical monuments, places to explore arts, beautiful gardens, parks and trendy bars, pubs and restaurants. Its attractions are so many that you would need a few days to experience it fully. All along, roads are always packed, the Subway is a bit complex, cabs can punch a hole in your pocket, and exploring it on-foot can take days. That’s where bike tours make sense! 

Let’s look at why bike tours are great fun in NYC –

You get a guided tour 
NYC is massive and first-timers may find it a bit overwhelming upon arrival. Chances are, they might get confused with all the dazzles and sights and sounds around. A guided tour however soothes the nerves as you know an expert is there to help along. Take your visit to Central Park, for example. It becomes even more fruitful when you hire a guide and get him ride along with you. This way, you get to visit all the major attractions without worrying about missing anything.

Enjoy the city at your own pace
To visit and enjoy NYC at its best, you need both time and attention. You can’t just rush into things and expect to enjoy all the charms. Rather, you have to go along leisurely, gazing at the skyline, taking in the scenic beauty and relishing every bit on the way. All this is only possible when you go on a bike tour.      

Enjoy the stunning views of the city    
NYC has quite a few major bike routes to go along and experience the city first hand. One such route lines is along the Hudson River, and lets you ride all the way from Battery Park City to the George Washington Bridge. The entire stretch is perfect to cycle along at a leisure pace and savor the stunning views of the city. Ride on a calm road and get a summer morning breeze with virtually no one to disturb the trance-like swaying of the seat.   

Bike through Central Park
Don’t leave Central Park unless you have enjoyed a bike tour as this is the best way to explore this 843-acres of lush green gem. Get to ride on some interesting routes with Central Park bike tours and pass through scenic environments all around. Stop by at sites of your choice, get detailed information about the passing by monuments, and feel the pleasure of cycling on a 60-mile loop with both hilly and flat terrains to enjoy. You can ride for close to two hours along scenic and bike-friendly paths and enjoy the park fully. 

Escape the noise and enjoy the car-free side of NYC
The Big Apple can be incredibly chaotic at times making your navigation through the city a hell. You might get stuck for hours in traffic losing precious hours on the tour. Bike tours help you escape that demanding side and let you enjoy the car-free and noise-less side of the city. So, you can feel delighted at seeing amazing views of the Hudson River, new walkways and riverside parks.

The Ultimate NYC Taxi Guide

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NYC can be confusing and overwhelming to those new to the city. It is however not that complex if you know how to navigate it. Getting around the city is easy if you are aware of how public transportation works there. Lucky for you, taxis can be seen zooming all around, so you can feel relaxed, hail them and get going. But yes, grabbing a taxi takes some skill and knowledge that you should definitely have. Only then can you get a cab the way locals do.

How to know if the taxi is available

Knowing whether a taxi is available or not takes some doing. The first obvious hint is to look at the back seat. Then look at the light on the car’s roof – the cab is available if the number light is lit, and not available if it’s dark. In some cases, the back seat remains the most potent indicator in cases where the number light is out of order.

Off-duty cabs

Cabs do operate in shifts here and it’s always harder to find them within 30 minutes or so when the shift change happens. So, you need to first look at the off-duty sign on the side of the center number, before attempting to hail a cab. If you’re lucky, cabs might pick you up if your route matches with his.

Taxi fare

Before hailing a taxi,you must know that they are not the cheapest way of getting around the city.They won’t cost much if you’re in a group though. Moving ahead, the fare is kind of reasonable and it won’t make a hole in your pocket if you don’t hire them regularly. Hiring a cab means you have to pay a base fare of $2.50 with 50 cents for every 1/5 of a mile, these fares change often so check before your next trip.

How to book one in during rush hour

You should get an app on your phone to counter the menace of rush hour. Secondly, when everyone around seems like they’re looking to hire a taxi, it’s better you move a block or two and try with a renewed hope. Try walking to the next avenue or walking a couple of blocks to the direction you are hiring a cab for, or try to stand on a side street. If you spot black cars, make sure to negotiate the fare before getting in.

Be gracious while hiring a taxi

It’s definitely not a good thing to snatch away  someone else’scab. Never take yourself in front of someone who’s been there for longer trying to get a cab. Show some grace and avoid bickering as it makes you look very bad.

What to do after hiring the taxi

A taxi is surely not your hop on hop off New York tour where you just sit and ride along.Here, tell the driver where to go and give him a landmark. Let the driver choose the route; if you however know, ask him to follow that route. Be polite,and it is common etiquette to tip the driver if they did a good job.

Differentiating Between Python, Mysql, and Django

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One of the most powerful objects oriented programming language, python is becoming very popular these days. A lot of programmers are using python for building a variety of web based applications both for desktop and mobile.

Mysql is a collection of systems and approaches that help in managing the data. Be it a simple file with a few figures or the complex data structures of the websites, everything can be managed with the help of Mysql.

Django is a framework that is designed in python language. The main use of Django is in designing web applications in a clean and systematic format thereby reducing the number of complexities. It is mainly brought in use where the programming language is python to make sure that the compatibility levels between the design and development are high.

 If you plan to take up a python, MySQL, and Django certification, you should know that various options like Java, Pearl, Scheme, etc. are the major competitors of Python. There are a lot of aspects that make this combination of python, MySQL, and Django popular amongst the developers as it is easy to use these three together and several notable features of each of these individually complement and cover the flaws.

Although there is no similarity between python, MySQL and Django as their purposes and areas of applications are very different from one another, take a look at some of the most prominent features of all three of these.


Since the syntaxes used in python are quite easy and elegant, the process of writing a code and understanding it is very easy for the developers. Also, in comparison to the other competitors of python, it is one of the simplest programming languages to learn and implement. Be it the development of projects that involve prototype management or the regular web development programs, the areas of applications of python are huge thus making it a hot favorite.


Mysql is basically a database system and in spite of the other names in the market, there is nothing that has even been able to beat what this tool has to offer. Believed to be fast, highly result oriented and cheaper, MySQL has a few features that make it even more special. It is a system that has been designed keeping in mind the client and the server architecture. So even if the client is maintaining the server on the system which he is using for queries, nothing would go wrong. You will learn more about this when you take a MySQL training course in San Francisco.


Apart from its ease to use and increasing number of users every day, there are still a few features that make Django that popular amongst the developers. Having been in business for over 10 years now, Django has been tested with time and by the crowd over all these years. Additionally, with the innumerable packages that are available, most of the work of the coder would get reduced. 

Change the policies of your business on SAFe principles

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In a technology driven era, small and big business runs on the wheels of software and apps. The software facilitates storing of databases to details and work that an employee performs in the company. Efficient software works on a solid framework. To help you keep records of work and progress of the company you need software: SAFe. It’s a short form of the Scaled Agile Framework.

The software lays few principles that govern the working of the business. The SAFe is the most adopted way by many aspirants because of its numerous benefits that it renders to the business. For example,it promotes multiple things. It encourages continuous progress and improvement, prompt delivery, flexible and rapid responses and adaptive planning. In short, it holds the key that unlocks the governing power of the business.

To fix a firm grip on the software and to master its tools and techniques, go for Leading SAFe Training Classes. A virtual class so built will help you learn new things during the weekends. It will not only make an addition to your present education, but also opens up numerous employment opportunities in various fields. The training will help you implement the frameworks and train your managers and executives. It also allows you to act like an agent and you can work an agile practitioner as well.

The 4 days Leading SAFe Training in Bangalore will assist in gaining mastery over-
  • You can easily introduce the principles of the Agile framework to your company.
  • During training period you get acquainted with the better understanding of its principles.
  • You are also able to release agile trains.
  • It helps you in building an Agile portfolio.
  • It helps you lead the business that is backed by SAFe
  • Facilitates in ART execution.
  • It also helps in the understanding SPC exam.
  • Applying for SPC becomes easier for you.
Benefits of the training
  • It facilitates the better use of SAFe foundations along with a power point briefing.
  • It facilitates you with complete access to the course thus allowing you to work as a certified agent and at the same time you acquire a complete knowledge of SAFe and you can train your managers as well.
  • The training bestows you with the facility of receiving updates on the course.
  • Plus, one year membership of scale Agile LinkedIn community is provided to the wishful learners.
  • You join the community where you get a chance to get connected with experts and share your problem with them and seek their advice.
The training is best for all those software developers, project managers, product managers and those who have 5+ years’ experience in business analysis. Once you complete the training you will be able to take major decisionsfor your company independently. The course helps you gain enough confidence to put your learning into practice and thus motivating your team members towards the accomplishment of the project.

Traditional Stylish and Fancy Party Wear Dresses For Girls

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Fashion industry is full of different styles, designs and different colors. When you look at the different collections of the fashion designers, you will be able to understand how many different kinds of fashions are available in the fashion world today. Most of the young girls these days prefer the fancy party wear dresses just because they want to look like the princess and the most beautiful girl in the world. 

You have so many fancy dresses in the market today that you are going to love almost all of them and confused on which one to actually select.

Anarkali style

The fashion and style keeps changing every second in this world of fashion. All the fashion designers make sure that the styles that they design are going to make the women look really glamorous. Whenever you think of any traditional wear for women, then the name that comes into the mind is the anarkali style. Yes, they are stylish and at the same time they are traditional as well. The flare of the anarkali dress makes it really special and different from other dresses. 

The double shirt style

As told earlier, fashion keeps changing and the designers come up with something different everyday. When it comes to choosing the party wear dresses, why don’t you try the double shirt style. The inner shirt is simple and plain while the outer shirt made of rich fabric and amazing work on it. The outer shirt is going to add the complete beauty to the dress. Pencil style pants are going to look just perfect with this kind of style. 

Check out the short shirt style

When you are looking for something different from others and amazing in dresses for girls, then you can go with the short shirt style dresses. The shirt of the dress is usually above the knee length and is going to enhance the look when you combine them with the legging style or chudidhar style pants. You will usually have a lot of work on the shirt when it comes to the short style shirts.

Mole removal treatments: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Generally, moles (nevus) are the common type of skin growth in any part of the body. They often appear as small, dark brown and black colored marks or spots. A mole can appear anywhere on the skin, alone or in groups. They are a dark insoluble pigment usually found in humans in the skin, hair, choroid layer of the eye. Usually, they appear in early childhood and adolescence.

Definition of Moles

They are the natural part of the dark colored skin development and influenced by genetics and sun exposure. They are commonly caused by clusters of pigmented cells. They are also called birthmarks and can have different shapes, like flat or swollen, smooth or bumpy.

Generally, moles are not harmful, but rarely they become cancerous. In medical term, they are the collections of pigment that producing cells, which are commonly seen on the top layer of the skin. Mole removal London uses the best methods for removing moles from your skin.

Causes of moles

Most of the people are born with moles and sometimes they may appear during the first 25 years of a persons life. They are caused when melanocytes grow in clusters or clumps. Sometimes they are disturbed throughout your skin and produce melanin.

Melanin is the natural pigment that gives the color of your skin. But they are usually harmless. Moles can occur due to many reasons. Here are some causes of moles:

1.        Over exposure to the sun

According to the medical science, moles may occur in sun-protected areas like the palms, soles, and genitals. If you go out in the sun a lot, chances of moles may be increased. Because the ultraviolet rays released by the sun and it can be harmful to your skin surface, therefore, causing prominent moles to appear.    

2.        Natural

Sometimes they are not caused by any exterior factor and some moles can be present at birth, but they naturally appear during childhood or young adulthood. Many people are born with moles in different parts of their body.

3.        Family history
Sometimes moles or nevus, also occur due to hereditary. Most of the families have a history of an abnormal condition of moles which are known to cause skin cancer. As time passes, some moles can change the way they look. If you have moles due to the reason of hereditary, then it is advisable that you consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. They may be cancerous.

4.        During hormonal changes

Moles may appear during puberty too. When the hormones of your body changes, it is very common to notice the formation of moles on the face, neck, wrist and any part of your body. A great number of hormones are changing continuously during the time of pregnancy. So, this can be the biggest reason for the occurrence of moles.

Symptoms of moles

The most important sign of melanoma or mole is a new brown or black colored spot may appear on the skin. A spot that is changing in the size, shape, or color. Sometimes it looks different from all of the other spots on your skin. Below-mentioned ABCDE guide can help you to easily determine that if it is a mole or any other spot:

  • A is for Asymmetrical shape: Birthmarks doesnt match with the other spots.
  • B is for Border: The boundary of moles is irregular and blurred. 
  • C is for Color: The shades of moles can be dark brown, black, red, and blue. 
  •  D is for Diameter: The spot of a         mole is larger than 6 millimetres across or smaller than 6mm.
  • E is for Evolution: Moles can be changing in size, shape, and color.    
Mole removal treatment

1.        To treat a mole, most of the dermatologists take a small sample of tissue and having it analyzed. This is called a biopsy. After the biopsy, a doctor uses a surgical knife for cutting it off and stitching the affected area closed.

2.        A shave excision is a very simple method for removing moles. A dermatologist uses a sharp razor or a blade to shave the mole off your skin.

Overview of the business of wholesale fireworks online

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Entrepreneurs interested to start business of fireworks can benefit from the availability of wholesale fireworks online. The online platforms for fireworks sale cater to retailers and wholesale business. However, consumers ordering for a value less than $250 are not eligible for buying online. This can be often detrimental for small consumers.

There is yet another limitation for small consumers because the items are sold on full case basis even though broken cases may be offered for certain specified items.  This condition restricts the buying options for small consumers who may not be able to compromise of the pack size. On the contrary, the offerings perfectly suit the needs of retail and whole business that can have access to wide range of products that can be delivered at the destination as required.

Supporting the cause of business

In America, the fireworks business has always experienced high growth for the last 15 years and the trend still continues. It is perhaps one of the few businesses that could stay insulated against the adverse effects of the economic slowdown that happened in 2008. Therefore, for business startups that want to ride on high growth, it makes perfect sense to bank on wholesale fireworks online. This would provide the necessary support that start ups need to have a toe hold in the business. The onus of all legal compliances as necessary for the respective state would rest on the buyer.

Opening a wholesale account
In order to start buying wholesale, the buyer has to open a wholesale account with the seller. The account is opened on the basis of the understanding that the buyer is eligible to open an account according to the terms and conditions of sale and also agrees to abide by the legalities governing the transactions.

Shipping of fireworks
Fireworks ordered online are transported by road for delivery to the destination. LTL trucks commonly used for cargo movement are used for transporting fireworks and the freight charges are to be borne by the buyer. For retail buyers, orders above a certain value ($750) are delivered free by some online sellers. The freight amount would depend on the weight and volume of the ordered cargo as well as the zip code of the place where it is delivered. All transportation is undertaken in compliance with the DOT regulations.  The transit could vary between 2 to 7 days depending on the destination of delivery but the supplier can never be held responsible for any delay. Express delivery can also be arranged by paying additional charges.

Minimum ordering level
Sellers who offer wholesale fireworks online normally stipulate a minimum value of purchase that has to be done annually. Similarly, there is a minimum value ($1500) for the first order that is placed for wholesale buying. The buyer is responsible for paying sales tax against every purchase that is made against the wholesale account opened with the seller.

No orders can be cancelled once the goods have been dispatched and non acceptance of ordered cargo if also liable to be penalized by the seller.

Upgrade strategies and forecast analysis on data center 40G/100G network

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As a designer of the data center optical fiber network solutions, we often face the problem of network product selection, after considering the cost, operation and maintenance management, bandwidth requirement, compatible with 40G/100G etc. factors and to make a great plan, the new standard or technology may just launched, so need to do mental struggle to decide whether switch to these new products.
However, the experience teaches us that after a new standard comes out, it often takes several years from the product is introduced to the market by the vendors to the technology becomes mature, price adjustment to a reasonable level, and finally to the product popularization. After balancing the various factors and needs, the most appropriate choice is the generic products that have perfect industry standards and specifications and mature technology.
Upgrade strategies of data center 10G/40G/100G
Now, most of IDC’s 40G/100G fiber-optic network is based on IEEE802.3ba standard, and adopts parallel fiber transmission, using the pre-terminated 12-core or 24-core MPO cable as the main fiber connecting solutions for the next generation of the data center. 40G standards had been launched in 2010. Due to the price of the equipment is so high when just launched that its application has an obvious growth after 4 years. Now the technology is mature, the price is lower than before, so it attracts a large number of users to upgrade from 10G to 40G, and formed the trend of the 40G/100G network upgrade.
MPO solution is a flexible cabling system for the fiber-optic network, which compatible with 10G/40G/100G progressive upgrade, allowing users to upgrade to a higher speed, higher density basic network system at minimal investment cost, the bandwidth and return on investment will be doubled quickly.
Now we’ll introduce some upgrade strategies of common and basic cabling of 10G/40G/100G network, help users to simply understand how to choose the most appropriate basic network cabling products, and design a solution that to smooth upgrade to the next generation of data center.
10G solution
Using two 12-core MPO backbones optical cables for transmission, connect MPO-LC module box at both ends, and connect to SFP+ optical module via LC duplex jumpers to form 10G solution.
12-core MPO backbone optical cable
2 x 12-core MPO module box
LC duplex jumper
SFP+ optical module
1U MPO distribution box

Key product: 2 x 12-core MPO-LC module box
Product description: two pre-installed module boxes 12 core MPO-LC directly fanout jumpers, the back side is two MPO adapters, and the front panel is a two-column 12-port LC adapter.
Solution benefits: flexible cabling, plug and play, excellent cable management, flexible MAC (mobile, add and change)
Solution to upgrade 40G
Using two 12-core MPO backbone optical cable and distribution box, MPO adapter, 2 to 3 MPO conversion jumper at both ends, convert 2 x 12-core fiber channel into 3 x 8-core fiber channel, and connects 3 x 40G optical modules.
12-core MPO backbone optical cable
MPO adapter panel
2 to 3 MPO conversion jumper
QSFP+ optical module
1U MPO distribution box

 Key product: 2 to 3 MPO conversion jumper
Product description: 2 to 3 MPO conversion jumper uses all fiber channels (24 channels in total) of two 12-core MPO backbone optical cables, convert 2 x 12-core MPO connector into 3 x 8-core connector, and connects to QSFP+ optical modules.
Solution benefits: Make use of all fiber in the backbone system, seamless connection, trunk optical cable and distribution box can be retained, no need to replace.

Solution to upgrade 100G
Using two 12-core trunk optical cable and MPO adapter, converts 2 x 12-core MPO connectors into 1 x 24 MPO connector via 2 to 1 MPO conversion optical cable and connecting to 100G CFP optical modules.
12-core MPO backbone optical cable
MPO adapter panel
2 to 1 MPO conversion jumper
CFP optical module
1U MPO distribution box

Key product: 2 to 1 MPO conversion jumper
Product description: 2 to 3 MPO conversion jumper uses all fiber channels (20 channels in total) of two 12-core MPO backbone optical cables, regards 10 channel of one fiber as Tx, and uses 10 channels of another fiber as Rx to form 100G transmission, and connecting to CFP optical module via a 24-core MPO connector.
Solution benefits: the number of ports is significantly reduced, easy to manage, MPO backbone optical cable, distribution boxes, and adapters are not required to replace, is a cost-effective upgrade solution.
New 100GBase–SR4
The 100GBase-SR4 standard which released in 2015 uses 4 pairs of a channel to form 100G transmission, the transmission rate of each channel is 25G. When the technology is officially applied in the future it can use the same cabling solution as 40G, all fibers of trunk optical cable can be 100% used, and the optical module will use QSFP28 which is compatible with 100G. As long as use MPO backbone system that in line with the industry standard, even if the new technology to become the mainstream of the next generation of data centers, it also can achieve a smooth upgrade. Selecting the high compatibility and common cabling products will have more advantages in the long term.  
12-core vs 24-core MPO backbone system
Many brands recommend 24-core MPO backbone system, which can reduce the quantity of cable, and more effective for the operation and maintenance and air management. However, there are still a lot of users choose 12-core MPO backbone optical cable, we recommend 12-core MPO backbone optical cable as a flexible network upgrade strategy, the reasons mainly based on:
1.       The TIA 568-C provides a standard and comprehensive definition of 12-core and dual-core link transmissions
2.       The TIA 568-C also regulates the polarity of the 12-core cable (the fiber-optic solution), and the user can easily find compatible products on the market
3.       Most of the hand-held fiber optic testers can test 12-core MPO connectors and the polarity ofcable, convenient for installation and maintenance
4.       Using 2x12-core to 24-core (2 to 1) MPO conversion jumper, can be simply upgraded to 100G.
5.       The initial investment cost is less and practical, can be flexible upgraded.
As a comprehensive and professional communication manufacturer, Cozlink provides 8-core, 12-core and 24-core MPO jumper, the product covers 1G/10G/40G/100G, and also offers product customization services to meet the needs of user’s personalized network.

After learning the upgrade strategies of 40G/100G, the market forecast of data center 40G/100G network will be analyzed to help you know the development trend of it in the near future.
Forecast analysis on data center 40G/100G network
In recent years, with the vigorous development of cloud computing and data center, the demand of the data center for optical devices began to accelerate, Transmission network upgrades to 40G/100G.  In order to satisfy the needs of bandwidth and expand the transmission capacity, 40G/100G network has become a trend. It is predicted that the average annual compound growth rate of 40G / 100G market will reach 27.5% from 2013 to 2018, 40G and 100G optical devices will grow at a rate of 20-30% within two years, and 100G will dominate in 2016. The growth rate will exceed 40% and last for more than three years. In the past, a large part of China's transmission network has only 10G, but now the wireless base station evolved to LTE, the base station return access has reached 10G, so all levels of China's transmission network are facing upgrades. Today, optical device suppliers have been working to develop a variety of multi-source generic modules to meet the needs of system integrators for different network applications. The multi-source generic module provides a convenience for system integrators to reduce development cycles, as well as to reduce the cost of 40G, 100G core optoelectronic devices. The diagram below shows the market forecast of 10G/40G/100G from Infonetics Research.
 This image source:
Meanwhile, due to the explosive growth of Internet applications with rich video content and 40G low-cost optical ports may arrive within two to three years, 40G is expected to be widely deployed over the next few years. 100G will also get some small batch of trial and deployment in some operator's long-distance backbone network in the next two to three years. 40G and 100G will be developed and existed simultaneously in the operator's network in the next three to five years or even longer. For this reason, the multi-source standard module of 40G/100G have been considered as the core technology and key components of the next generation of high-speed and high-capacity optical network, and thus were highly valued by the industry. In short, the future of the data center 40G / 100G network is bright.