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Usage and ban on steroids

There is always a mystery on usage of steroid products or one can say there is a balance in usage of this products across world. While there are many countries that ban using any of these products there are many other countries which sell them legally. Also the demand seems to be more in places where the ban is high. Few countries like Italy and New Zealand only allow the usage of these steroids with proper prescription. Else these products are banned here. But in spite of tight laws and enforcements, we see there is a huge demand for these products across countries. Hence it is hard to put a list of countries in paper and point out legal laws applicable in each country.

Usage in Italian soil
Steroid laws have been very strict in Italy from beginning. It is claimed that many tones of steroids were discovered and demolished in the year 2005 when a huge transfer of these products were happening in back ground. As said a small quantity of these products are ok to use with prescription anything massive done under cover is very illegal and have strict consequences to face. Like many other countries it is also illegal to manufacture anabolic and androgenic steroids in Italy. But like in other countries like UK, Canada, Australia these products can be easily accessed from local gym authorities itself. Many Italian steroid manufactures have complained of having very strict rules in manufacturing these products legally.

Reliable sources in Italy
While there are many suppliers of the steroid products in Italy, only few are reliable. Finding them and paying for your purchase is always hard. For a person to purchase steroids safe and secure within legal limits will be Department of state and Italian embassies. While one is shipping or planning to use these steroid products in Italy, it is always better to discuss with Department of state and provide their legal requirement. Because if a person is found to possess even a small quantity of illegal drugs they can be caught and jailed for lifetime. Rely on Italian embassies to get required information.

These sources will either be able to tell you which is banned or which product can be used legally with proper prescription. This is more useful for other citizens who visit these countries and have a doubt regarding the usage of these products. Mostly the embassies have a strict ban on synthetic and imported drugs. Others which have a valid prescription will be validated and considered by local authorities.

Know the laws
While most people buying these online don’t consider and assess many risks, it is always advisable to know what is legal and illegal in Italy. While Italian Steroid manufacturers are always under radar, potential buyers purchasing from them also come under this. Some products like Clenbuterol, Anavar and few others can be purchased in retail and online with proper prescription. There might be few exceptions for people who are in sports and athletes.

Know your category and seek guidance or exception if it is applicable to you in that country. If not careful, professionals and athletes are in risk of losing their whole carrier if they are screened and found to use particular steroid. Hence assessing the risks, knowing what is legal for you to use and getting a prescription by physician is more important than anything else in major countries like Italy.
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