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Torrent Files Download Explanation– Advantages, Disadvantages, Security

Torrent is basically a method that allows you to download large files while connected to the Internet. You can share files on your computer with others. Using BitTorrent, you can download music, applications, videos, games,pictures, and movie torrents.

For downloading files via BitTorrent or U-Torrent, you need to download and install a Torrent client on your PC/Mac. Once you do this, all that's left to do is find a torrent fileswhich you want to download. You can use sites like Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrens, Torrent4all or Torrentz sites. 

Note: that these sites do not host any of the files that you want to download. Just have the links to the torrent file.

In this article, I will explain how BitTorrent works, as well as considering the advantages and disadvantages.

Torrents’ Advantages
Ï Decentralized P2P uses means that the file you are downloading is not hosted on a central server. If no one download source is active, you can rely on other sources to complete the download. If the main server is down, for regular weekly, you will not be able to finish the download process.

Ï Even if you're suddenly not connected to the Internet or your computer shuts down/restarts, you will be able to complete the download once you're back online. No need to restart from the beginning.

Ï Even for users who have slow Internet speeds, torrents can help you to download a file torrents or movie torrents faster than using ' traditional  download'.

Ï It is easy to find and download the files by torrents.

Torrents’ Disadvantages
Ï Youwill not be able to download the file If the file has no 'seed',

Ï You can't say for sure what that contains the file you are downloading. You can verify whether the file is real by scanning the comment section quickly. Positive feedback generally means that the file is OK.

Ï It may take the fact that you can download and upload at the same time its toll on your bandwidth. If you have a fast Internet connection, don't worry about that part.

Ï Everyone download the torrent file you suck or seeding your public IP address to watch. This includes the ISP or digital copyright groups. To protect your privacy while using the torrents, simply use the VPN. More information on this below.

VPN To Add Torrents’ Privacy And Security
As a general rule, I would highly recommend using a VPN whenever involved torrents. VPN router resets base all your traffic through a secure private network. Hide your real IP address during the process, your data is encrypted. This means that your Internet service provider, no others will be able to track your Internet activity. 

The downside here is that using a VPN may drop your Internet speed substantially unless you sign up with a reliable VPN provider. Also, make sure that the VPN provider you choose has no bandwidth limits. Here's a list of top three VPN providers that you can use to download torrents anonymously.
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