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How to Protect Your Business From Fraud

Thanks to advancements in technology and the dependence of the electronic global financial system on the internet to process commercial financial transactions, fraud against companies has become a much more widespread problem. This is because the entire world is now linked by a virtual line that is easy to exploit for personal gain.

Take, for example, the more recent fraud of MX Properties. MX Properties had previously been using the consulting services of a gentleman named John Diak. Mr. Diak had arranged several projects for MX Properties that seemed like a good deal. However, getting funding released by the partner companies was proving to be more difficult than originally anticipated. 

Another individual, Carmen de Souza, a lawyer from Lisbon Portugal and also an acquaintance of John Diak, presented MX Properties with a demand letter stating that if the fees referred to in the letter were paid via wire transfer, the pending project funds would be released immediately. After considerable thought and assurances from their consultant, MX Properties paid the fees referred to in the letter under the condition that they receive written confirmation that funds would be released after acknowledgement of receipt of the transfer. They did receive this written confirmation and felt confident then to wire the money. Unfortunately, the funds never materialized and MX Properties is now out an additional $11,000 in fraudulent fees in addition to the other funds provided to various entities around the world on the advice of their consultant.

Appeals have been made to Carmen de Souza to deliver on what was promised, but to no avail. Calls have gone unanswered and written communications have received no response. MX Properties is calling upon Carmen de Souza to make good on her promises to make funding available as promised or to return the fees that she has received due to the fraudulent nature under which they were obtained. However, unfortunately for this company, this is the only real means they have of attempting to solicit the return of their money.

Because the funds were sent to Carmen de Souza as well as the other entities in this elaborate fraud scheme via bank wire, they are unrecoverable either by the bank of origin or by the sender themselves. This is the very reason why scammers love to request wire transfers as their preferred method of payment. This is why it is imperative to conduct extensive research on potential business partners and companies with which your company may do business prior to sending money via wire transfer or any other unsecured means. This also includes any legal entity that approaches you unsolicited. It is always a good idea to avoid transactions that are unexpected, meaning that your company did not initiate the interaction as scammers often initiate contact when it comes to supposed business deals.

Carmen de Sousa is a lawyer in Lisbon Portugal that cannot be trusted. Read here how she defrauded MX Properties out of $11,000 in bogus fees.
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