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How rubber flooring can enhance healthcare environments

Rubber is not, perhaps, the obvious choice of flooring material, but in some environments such as healthcare establishments, it has advantages that are hard to overlook.

There are continuing calls to increase spending on
healthcare in the UK, and it’s important for hospitals and care trusts to get the most from their capital investments. Rubber flooring is not only hardwearing, it offers other practical advantages too.

Resistance to Bacteria

One of the principal advantages of rubber floor coverings in the health sector is the material’s resistance to micro-organisms and its ability to slow the spread of bacteria. This is an important factor in places like health centres and hospitals.

Because it is non-porous, rubber is resistant to fungi too. It is hard for spores to gain a foothold on the surface and even if they do they struggle to spread.

Other advantages rubber has in a healthcare environment include its acoustic properties. Rubber absorbs sound rather than reflecting or transmitting it. This means it is good at cutting noise in corridors or other busy areas.

The surface itself also has advantages because it reduces the physical stress from walking and standing, an advantage for both patients and staff. It is vital, however, to choose the texture of the surface carefully in order to avoid slip hazards. There is a choice of different rubbers surfaces that offer a safe solution.

Easy Cleaning

Suppliers like
http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/engineered-wood-flooring can provide engineered wood flooring which undoubtedly looks good and is lower cost, as well as sharing rubber's hardwearing and easy to clean properties.

Rubber’s non-porous surface makes it easy to keep clean and hygienic. The surface is resistant to dirt in the first place and it won’t be harmed by the chemicals and disinfectants used in cleaning solutions.

Another advantage is that the surface is naturally resilient, so it doesn’t need to be sealed or varnished to keep it looking attractive and to preserve its hardwearing properties. This also cuts the need to close off areas while they’re cleaned or re-treated.

While the initial cost of rubber flooring is higher than that of other alternatives like wood or linoleum, over its lifespan it’s likely to work out more cost-effective. This is due to there being less need for maintenance and easier cleaning.
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