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Educational Therapist Serving the Future, Caring for the Country

In the recent years, the rapid advancement of technology had brought interpersonal communication to a whole new level. Connectivity between people from two ends of the world has been made easy and they are able to communicate with a simple push of a button on a device. As these conveniences seem so effortless to us, this brings us to the question: Has life been so easy for us until we have forgotten that we possess the gift of speech? What happens to those unfortunate peers who failed to possess the ability to talk?

Most of the youths, especially the younger generation of Singapore have the luxury of highly advanced portable devices which enables them to have interpersonal communication without using speech. There are times when youths do not use speech for social interactions such as making friends with a stranger or even asking for directions as efficient as the previous generations. Therefore, the main goals of this project aim to facilitate:
  • Increased awareness of the value of speech. 
  • Promote the use of speech to communicate especially to their loved ones.
Speech and Language Therapy is offered in individual or gathering settings by the educational therapist in Singapore, including social aptitudes. The speech therapists mean to develop the child's central discourse and dialect aptitudes to bolster his or her advancement and learning. Treatment is done in a tyke well disposed, enthusiastic and brilliant environment. Dialect is supported and improved through fun and useful exercises.

Educational Therapists work with a wide age-gathering of people running from newborn children to the elderly. The customer base incorporates:
  • newborn children and youngsters with encouraging challenges 
  • youngsters with different discourse and dialect issue 
  • youngsters with extreme introvertedness and other learning challenges 
  • youngsters with hearing debilitation 
  • grown-ups with discourse, dialect and additionally gulping challenges taking after 
  • stroke or cerebrum harm 
  • cerebrum tumours 
  • degenerative neurological illnesses
Life Speech offers proficiency; instructive treatment and learning bolster administrations. Their instructive advisors work with youngsters in pre-essential up to those in optional schools requiring instructive medicinal sessions. Sessions are organized to address the issues of the tyke and are led either on

(a) One-to-one premise or
(b) Group premise, restricted up to 3 understudies.

Before initiating proficiency mediation with the experts, understudies might be required to experience education abilities appraisal with the instructive clinician and/or master in order to better comprehend the kid's challenges.

The specialists tailor projects to the necessities of the understudy and are prepared in an assortment of methodologies including:-
  1. way to deal with perusing direction, is dialect based, multi-tactile, organized, consecutive, total, psychological and adaptable. It is a serious, consecutive phonics-based framework instructs the rudiments of word development before entire implications. The strategy obliges and uses the three learning modalities, or pathways, through which individuals learn. 
  2. Programs fortify fundamental tactile capacities identified with learning and are perceived as being powerful in the guideline of dyslexia, hyperplasia, extreme introvertedness, and learning handicaps when all is said in done. 
  3. Life Speech aims to be the voice of Speech and Language Therapy in Singapore. The mission is to build alliances, skills and standards by:
  • Communicating the role of the association 
  • Facilitating resource sharing 
  • Representing the profession
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