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Dr. Joe Johnson: The Promising American Business Personality

Based in Bradenton, Florida Joe Johnson, has been an acclaimed business personality in corporate America for the great function played by him as a Startup Expert, Investor and Entrepreneur. Since 2001, his initiation in the industry, he has financed and introduced more than a dozen start-up ventures that are high-growth companies today. With his long experience, strong vision power and insight he has invested in a series of commercial real estate, and that accumulates more than 10 million sq ft of valued property stretched over various states all over the US. The promising American business personality holds a PhD with major in Entrepreneurial Leadership from the famous Regent University. He is also backed by Master in Business Administration from Ashland University.  

The career objective of Dr. Joe, the only son of missionary parents was to establish him as a successful businessperson. His foremost achievement as a popular athlete, in fact, infused in him self-confidence, attitude and leadership. His record performance at Ohio State University enabled him to join one of the finest swimming clubs in the country. Dr. Johnson is the inceptor and chief of GoodField Investments, a Florida based Investment Group specializing in funding new business setups and also, working on investment business in realty and other eccentric project endeavors. Joe Johnson Goodfield is also the esteemed founder and key executive of Welfont Group, one among the nation’s top distinguished and fastest developing commercial realty groups.  

Incepted in 2013, GoodField is a specialized investment enterprise that chiefly manages its huge investment endeavors made in real estate, startups and other private groups. Outfitted with a very expert team of professionals, the fast growing agile business house led by Dr. Johnson has been focused on finding, assessing and making well-planned, effective and money making investments in distressed but potential commercial properties and startups as a sole investor. As per opinion of Dr. Joe Johnson that the specialties of GoodField, that positions it distinct in the industry are its great business strategies, policies and continuous customer support. Even with its world standard business viewpoints in terms of business practices, regulatory standards and values, it is versatile, customer friendly and high-performing.  

Welfont Group, his other brainchild is a highly acknowledged boutique commercial property management group that has been concentrated on helping its esteemed clients locate, evaluate, buy, and administer commercial real estate properties laying in distressed or abandoned conditions with financial backup. For property sellers, it employs tax policies approved by IRS department supported by IRS 170 Bargain Sale as well as 1031 Exchange. 

In his personal life, Joe Johnson Goodfield is an extremely happy family man with a wonderful wife and six loving children. In the recent years, he has authored a great book ‘The Science of Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail and Some Succeed’. He believes strongly that his writing can be a great guide for any business person to understand the reality of business world and solutions to thrive. When out of his family or business, he remains engaged in research, studies and writing.
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