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What is Clenbuterol? It’s features that make it a wonder drug is its fat burning ability, suppresses appetite and food cravings, increases body’s metabolism rate, balances moods and results in good muscle mass and strength. Hence, it is very popular among athletes and body builders and not to forget many celebrities have also used it to get a toned physique.

When the weight of the body is more than the required for an individual, it starts its negative effects on other parts of the body. Weight reduction is usually attained by consuming low-calorie diet in combination with regular physical exercises.  For people who cannot lose their weight by natural methods are prescribed to use diet pills which improve their metabolism to and help to reduce weight.

Right dosage

People with different medical histories and metabolisms have to vary their dosages according to their systems. This is so because the use of steroid has different tolerance level in each individual. The dosage be gradually decreased; depending on the individual’s body acceptance. Hence the cycle of each person is unique and there is no standard of cycles as such.

The cycles that can be followed for clen are

Two weeks in and two weeks out, where there is a continuous consumption of clen in those two weeks with a low dosage of 20mcg. There are two weeks off the pills. This allows the body to recover and also increase the dosage in the next cycle.

There is two day on and two day off cycle, where in you consume the pill for two straight days and are off it for another two days. This cycle isn't so good to opt on but it is said that it helps the body get used to clen.

The last cycle is the continuous cycle which is the use of the drug continuously in lower dosages such 10mcg up to 50 mcg increase over a period of three months, more than this time frame usage will have serious repercussions and may lead to cardiovascular problems.

Each cycle is tailor made for the person, as his medical history, body tolerance, BMI and other factors such what kind of sport is being played or is just a fitness enthusiast. Whether the person is a beginner of such supplements or a long term user. The dosage differs and is always consulted upon by a medical health care professional who will ensure what suits best for you.

The pill is a stress buster or mood enhancer as you could call it. It is also said to increase the quality of the sleep which in turn is very good in the recovery process of the muscles. The wear and tear is quite often, ample rest and clen will give it sufficient boost in the recovery process. The main part of consuming clen is that when through the rigorous workouts and diet and the clen cycle you achieve your muscular body, then there will be a breakdown of the same due to the catabolic effect but by the use of clen, the retention of muscles is maintained.
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