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Commercial fraud is a real and present danger to companies all over the world

When MX Properties entered into projects introduced to them by their consultant John S. Diak, they had no idea it would plunge them into the nightmare that they currently face. However, this is an all too common story for many unsuspecting businesses who attempt to enter into agreements with other companies with whom they don't have a personal relationship with. Here is how MX Properties started what they thought was a mutually beneficial partnership with several overseas entities and ultimately wound up losing over $1 million to seasoned con artists.

It was late 2016 when MX Properties decided that they wanted to expand their reach and find new and exciting business opportunities that they could invest in or partner with other companies. To facilitate this process, they hired outside consultant to help them source opportunities and initiate contact. Mr Diak put several opportunities on the table that would allow MX Properties the ability to become partners with other companies that were purchasing financial instruments used in bank to bank lending activities. MX Properties gave the sign off to proceed. 

Through a series of different transactions directed by the various business partners, MX Properties made several bank wire transfers totaling $1 million, capital to be used to establish the bank accounts necessary to secure lines of credit that would be used to make the purchases. However, the receiving banks and companies had other plans for that money.

It wasn't until after all communications stopped after the deposits were made that MX Properties began to suspect that something was amiss. They went back to their consultant to try and figure out what went wrong. It was at thing time that Mr. Diak admitted to knowing beforehand that the executives of the partner firms were bad guys. However, in order to make things right, he had solicited the help of Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza to help MX Properties move things forward. He even had a letter addressed to himself that outlined the confidence that Ms. De Souza had regarding her ability to give MX Properties the ability to access the previously promised funding, so long as they were willing to pay her $11,000 in fees for services rendered.

MX Properties demanded that Ms. De Souza submit written confirmation that she would send payment instructions to each of the banks immediately upon receipt of the payment prior to sending and although she complied with this request, it would be the only one she would make good on. She sent letters indicating that she had received the payment as well as that she had provided payment instructions to the bank as promised, but no money ever materialized.

Unfortunately, this story is not yet over. MX Properties has still not yet received access to the project funding nor have they received their initial payments back. In addition, they are now receiving harassing emails from an unnamed individual as well as battling libelous statements being made public by the same individual. You can read more about the nightmare here: http://www.blogster.com/carmendesouza/carmen-de-souza-lawyer-lisbon-fraude.

Lisbon Portugal is not known as a hotbed of fraud. Hoever, Carmen De Souza is a con artist with a law degree.
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