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Why You Should Start Using a Wheel Boot Lock Rather Than Towing

A wheel boot lock has a variety of uses for practically everyone, and they can really make life a lot easier. If you deal with parking lots that don't absolutely need the cars to be toted away at the exactly second of the violation, then your only real option should be to use the lock rather than a tow truck. 

Less Damage to Cars 

Tow trucks aren't exactly treating cars like they're precious cargo, which can make for scratches, dents and damage to the cars that are towed. While the owner of the vehicle may not have very much of a leg to stand on when it comes to raising a fuss (considering they made the mistake), it doesn't mean that they won't cause headaches for the people who originally ordered the tow or the property owners in general. Unless you love arguing, angry phone calls and possibly even frivolous lawsuits, then a wheel will still achieve the same results without the hassle of potential damage. Using a boot also means that thieves won't be tempted by a car that's been sitting out for a while, which can be another potential disaster of a car being left too long in one place. 

Less Expensive 

A tow truck company means having enough space, employees and trucks to get the job done, and this can make for an expensive venture. Instead of using all those resources, a wheel boot lock still forces the driver to confront the problem without having to deal with the many logistics that a tow truck company would call for. A wheel boot lock is a one time cost that can be put on and taken off easily, regardless of where the owner left their car. 

Versatile for Every Day 

While boots may not be perfect for incredibly busy streets that absolutely need the space or for parking lots that will suffer a loss of business due to even one space being taken up, they are great for a variety of every day situations. Most people who leave their cars are likely coming back for it soon, meaning the effects on property owners will be minimal. If the car is left there for weeks on end, then at that point there may be little else to do besides get a tow truck company involved. However, most people can afford to let the car sit for a little while before it's finally cleared out. It's also a good message to send to potential people who are thinking about pulling the same stunt and parking in a space that was never meant for them, so businesses see fewer violations. 
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