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When Do You Need To Get Power Steering Service & Repairs Done?

The most prominent parts of the car include the body of the car, the tires the clutch, gear and the brake system and the steering wheel. Most of the time, the people do not even know about the mechanism of how the steering wheel works. Power steering basically helps you to control the wheels and you can hold the balance of the wheels also.

How does the steering wheel work?

These days the steering wheel is entirely power steering. The power steering was first introduced in the early twentieth century.
  • The power that one talks about here is due to the hydraulic pressure. When the steering moves it actually creates pressure in the hydraulic system moving the fluid through various hoses, pumps and the valves with the help of the piston and plunger.
  • This system is the only way by which one can control the car and its direction of movement but it is the most over looked system of the car. Power steering service & repairs is a very important aspect of the car repair because there are two major faults that can happen here
What might happen if the steering does not operate smoothly? 

Many a time you may have noticed that the steering does not turn as smoothly as it used to do when your car was new. The reason behind this could be the damaged pump. When the pump gets damaged the power transmitted through the hydraulic system may reduce.

The pump might have disintegrated:

When the steering is entirely overlooked the pump may become very old and may even disintegrate. The broken pieces of the pump may just get lodged here and there and even in the moving parts of the car causing considerable wear and tear.

The main element that helps in the smooth and easy turning of the car is the power steering fluid. It is to be noted that the type of fluid that is to be used depends on the type of power wheel setup. This fluid pushes the steering wheel back and forth and just to give a longer life to the system part sit is essential to get Power steering service & repairs on regular basis.

How should the fluid look?

The fluid that is in good condition should look clear and should have no sediments at all. There should be no smell, at least not the toasted smell.

Listen to the sound

When you turn the steering wheel if you can hear groaning and moaning of the pump you must get the Power steering service & repairs done immediately but is the sound is not continuous and you can hear only occasional small noises then those are normal. The reason of the low moaning noises is that the fluid level in the pump is very low and there is friction being caused between the moving parts causing these noises.

How to find a solution to the pump and the hose service?

The pump and the hoses must be checked for any kind of leakage. You should even check he pistons for leakage of any kind. All this must be done before adding the right fluid. Wrong fluid or overfilled pump will only damage the steering system of the car leading to greater problems and more expenses.

If the sound does not stop even after adding the fluid, it indicates that damage has already been done and you need o give your car for Power steering service & repairs. Now you have to make sure that the replacement is being made according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
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