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Give You Peace Of Mind With Helideck Products With Safety

The fully integrated and modular system updated with the latest technology which includes a full range of signaling and illumination lights, HMI or control stations with the monitoring panels. A new architecture characterized by a compact system control unit will provide the full control of all the units with low voltage precision power supply and minimum impact on the ship. 

·         Fully integrated solution with the display control panel, software programmable
·         Proven systems in a large number of single spot flight decks to aircraft carriers
·         Precise dimming from very low intensity to hundred percent for day and night operations
·         LED technology for all the units
·         Designed to comply with all applicable standards
·         Full integrated factory acceptance test.

The unique Helideck lighting control system includes Circle & H, Flood, perimeter, status, obstruction lights, illuminated windsocks and other monitoring functions related to that Helideck operation.

Circle & H Lighting for helideck

The lighting system is composed by a dashed circle and an H letter overimposed the corresponding markers of the helideck but the light elements are extremely thin for over-the-deck surface mounting and resistant to a harsh environment and helicopter loads. A full CAP437 compliant with superior display is achieved by a special design which guarantees a regular light elements spacing, free from any junction boxes obstructing the lighting spots. A double independent power supply circuit and LED bypass devices will ensure that a failure of a single LED has local effect. The cable penetration in the deck for below-deck cable routing is made by small circular holes.


The explosion proof lighting control and distribution panel suitable for installation in a zone one and two gas hazardous area then the panel provides full system operation of the lighting in helideck equipment. The central panel is easier for maintenance in electronics friendly environment for maximum reliability and the panel can be placed away from extreme conditions in the central location allowing for easy maintenance and also single point of control and monitoring. 

·         Factory sealed LED lighting element
·         Easy to install like minimum impact on helideck surfaces with no over-deck junction boxes
·         It is extremely low profile under the required specifications
·         The cable routing above deck or below deck in versatile installation
·         It has no metallic parts in corrosion free high performance resin suitable for both aluminum and steel decks
·         It has antislip surface and low power consumption with high reliability.

Electrical control panel designing 

They are the brain center for all industrial automation projects are represent a vital element in the proper working and performance of the systems. The control panels are most often equipped with push buttons, analog instruments, monitoring devices controllers and other accessories to control as well as monitor field devices. Pandelta.com is placed on reputed companies all over the world. The range of helideck or offshore lighting is resistant against explosions, vibrations, water and salt. It includes perimeter lights, floodlights, illuminated windsocks, wave-off lights and obstruction lights. Some of the light is made of corrosion resistant aluminum and it is mounted on top of the pole in the center of a windsock.
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