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Give The Gift Of Security This Holiday

As we approach the holiday season, our minds naturally turn to gift ideas for friends, family, and co-workers. Some people are hard to buy for, while are others are a breeze. If you’ve found yourself in a slump, there’s one gift that everyone on your list would benefit from: secure shredding services. Whether they’re a pack rat, work from home professional, or owner of their own business, properly shredded documents can help them stay safe.

The threat of identity theft is at its highest during the holiday season, when we’re buying more things online and discarding invoices in the garbage more often. These shopping experiences can put any of us at risk. The personal information put down on order forms and recorded on shipping receipts can be used by fraudsters to apply for credit cards, file false taxes, an even obtain medical services in your name. It only takes one small piece of data for a career criminal to ruin your reputation and credit score. The good news is, protection from these fraudsters is one of the benefits of document destruction services. Shredding documents and old electronics does wonders for identity security.

They do this by arriving at your home or place of business with a NAID-approved mobile shredder. A fully bonded professional picks up the documents ready to be shredded and completes the job on the premises. Once they can guarantee the paper or electronic can’t be read or used, then (and only then) will they transfer the remains to a secure recycling facility.

Recycling is an added bonus of this gift. When done properly, a paper shredding company can help save trees, water, energy, and landfill space. It also comes with huge cost benefits to business, as their methods will keep them compliant with the law by providing them with the means of secure destruction. In the Toronto area, this could be especially helpful, as Toronto businesses need help protecting their confidential material. Document destruction Toronto business owners trust is good enough for your friend, family member, or even yourself.

Consider the benefits of proper destruction at any time of the year. It can help any professional in your life protecttheir personal information from being used against them. Better yet, you might just want to join in on the document destruction Toronto business owners are using yourself. It’s a perfect self-given present at any time of the year.
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