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Ensure That You Are Well Compensated For Your Workplace Injury

If you have sustained an injury in your workplace and you have reason to believe that it was due to negligence, you should hire a legal representative who will ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Every employee deserves to work in a place of business that is as safe as it can possibly be. When it turns out that it is not, it is essential to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer not only for the purpose of ensuring that you receive the coverage that you deserve, but also to prevent anyone else from getting injured in a similar accident in the future. Injured workers are always more likely to receive compensation if they go through the WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) with a workers compensation lawyer at their side, as the average person is not familiar with the WSIB process or of workers' compensation law.

What is the WSIB?

In the Toronto Ontario area, WSIB stands for Workplace Safety Insurance Board. Its main purpose is to process workplace insurance claims and provide compensation to injured parties in order to help get the employee back on his or her feet as soon as possible – if possible. How it works is that it requires the employer to pay the contribution of what would have been the employee’s payment through a province-owned funding insurance company. In order to prevent a lawsuit, the employee is usually paid the compensation through a “no fault” basis. The employer will often try to make an alternative claim of how else the employee’s injury could have been caused (such as a motor vehicular accident); however, in cases in which there is a genuine question of whether the injury occurred on the job, the injured employee is almost always given the benefit of the doubt, particularly if they have a knowledgeable workers compensation Lawyer from a good firm like The Goodman Law Group on their side.

What is the Occupiers’ Liability Act?

In the Toronto Ontario area, the current version of the Occupiers’ Liability Act has been established since 1996 and recently underwent an update in November 2016. The Occupiers’ Liability Act covers everything from workplace injuries to slip-and-fall cases. In that context, “occupier” usually refers to both the person who was on the premises and the one who is in charge of that premises. “Premises” within the same context covers everything from pieces of land to complex residences or office spaces.

Under the Act, the one who is in charge of the premises is required to inform all persons of any possible and known dangers entering into the area. If that person was warned of any and all dangers, then it is assumed that the person entered the premises willingly taking the risks. It is only if there’s a reasonable assumption that the person in charge knew of the dangers, but did not inform the person entering them that usually makes for a case. This is where a workers compensation lawyer in Toronto comes in. However, even if you were informed of the risk of injury, you should still hire a workers compensation lawyer, as they may be able to get you significantly more money than if you choose to go it alone. Your workers compensation legal representative will guarantee that you receive all the money that you need to heal, and return to as ‘normal’ of a life as you can.
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