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Changing an Alabama Birth Certificate

It is very important that you have a birth certificate on which all of the information is correct. Not only does a birth certificate serve as a form of identification itself, you need it to get additional documentation such as a social security card or passport. A birth certificate is also one of the documents that is acceptable when filling out the Employment Eligibility Form (I-9) when you get or change jobs. There are several changes to a birth certificate in Alabama that you can undertake or your own behalf, or on the behalf of someone over whom you have legal authority, such as a child. The state of Alabama also allows attorneys and state-authorized companies to request changes for you so you don't have to deal with all the paperwork yourself.

Change Mistakes

Mistakes happen on birth certificates, due to things as simple as poor writing or bad data entry. While being one year or letter off in other documents might be an easy fix, you cannot just write over the information on a birth certificate, as that invalidates this legal document. The state of Alabama processes changes through an official Amendment Process that may require legal documentation or a court order. Once the changes are made, the new birth certificate indicates that it has been amended, and what changes were made.

Name Changes

People who adopt children can request a name change on an Alabama birth certificate, and the state helps adoptive parents get new birth certificates if the child wasn't born in Alabama. Alabama processes changes to name on birth certificates following gender reassignment surgery, as well as changing the gender indicator on the document. This change is also processed through an amendment to the original document.

Adding a Father

Alabama recognizes four situations in which it will add a father's name to a birth certificate:
  • Legitimation that is ordered by a probate court, for example based on a dispute over an estate
  • Legitimation when the parents marry after the child was born
  • If the mother has never been married, through an affidavit of paternity that the father signs
  • Changes processed by the Juvenile Division of the courts that determined paternity based upon the framework established under the Uniform Parentage Act.
When a birth certificate is changed based on adding a father's name, the parents may also change the child's name.

Given changes to security protocols, employment requirements, and concerns about proving one's identity, now is the time to take a close look at your Alabama birth certificate and request any necessary changes. If your child has a birth certificate that needs to be changed, take care of it now so there are no problems down the road when it may be more difficult to make those changes.

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