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A Church That Heals The Body And Mind

When people find that even doctors are unable to cure their acute medical conditions, they turn to religion and faith to heal them of such diseases as a last resort. They begin to believe in God’s astonishing powers to get rid of their ailments. These acts of miracles go a long way in reaffirming their faith in the Almighty and His message of peace, love and tolerance to all mankind. Even those suffering from emotional turmoil and distress from hate, mistrust and violence in the today’s world, come to His places of worship to find comfort, peace of mind and tranquility. 

A place of reflection and healing

The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN is a prominent church in the world with a reputation for claiming miracles occur within its premises and for curing patients’ ailments. However, any ardent follower who wishes to visit this famous place of worship needs to prepare his/her schedule in advance. This is because most of the devotees coming to this church are patients who are suffering from acute illnesses or physical disabilities, which medical science has been unsuccessful in finding a cure. While the physical structure of this church has undergone many changes over the years, original concept and vision of the church remains the same. Each development took place at a different stage. Moreover, the church itself was located in three different areas previously.

Defiant in the face of disaster

Three major disasters struck the church during it lifetime. One occasion, a storm blew away the roof of the church. In another incident, flash floods in the area washed away the church’s building and on the third instance, the building again collapsed due to severe weather condition. However, the church’s head pastor and founder, Prophet T.B. Joshua maintains that these incidents did occur with God’s knowledge to test His followers’ faith. However, the Almighty always find a way of rebuilding a place of worship for those are true to Him. He admits that the path to achieve tasks set out for his followers is always narrow, rough and uncomfortable. On the contrary, every challenge that God places in front of His devotees is a message that Lord is conveying to them. However, those who have been to present The Synagogue Church Of All Nations say it is an outstanding architectural masterpiece comparable to the best in the world.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN is a unique place of worship where disciples from around the world come to visit to find peace and to be in the presence of God. In addition to this, the head pastor of this church, Prophet T.B. Joshua performs astonishing miracles by anointing patients’ foreheads with holy to cure them of their illnesses.  He has a reputation for benevolence and for message the message of love to his fellow human beings. He says only true faith in the Almighty see a person through the harshest of times in his/her life and makes that individual a better human being.
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